Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2014

1 – Annual Meeting

Unfortunately no members of the public attended this meeting although it was advertised on the noticeboards throughout the Parish.  However most of the Councillors are known to residents of the Parish and usually bring any concerns they have via the Councillors who report on them at any monthly meeting.

The Chairman, Councillor Richard Hovey gave his report on the last 12 months and it is as follows:

Sadly we lost two of our Councillors during the last 12 months, Bill Herriman died in August and Ken Lightfoot died very suddenly in April.  They will be missed as both were very “hands on” councillors.

We have been joined by Councillor David Kerr.

Various events that took place during the last 12 months were commented on; he said the events led to a very good community spirit in the Parish.

The planning and development last year had been a key issue and led to concerns re the development of the area.  Although Councillor Michael Jones attended a Public Meeting in the Parish and gave his assurances that there would be no further building taking place here it seems as though the problem of unwanted development is still with us

The Vice Chairman Geoff Beadle has started engagement with our younger residents trying to establish the facilities they are using and what they would like to see in the future.

The Haslington ORG website continues to increase in popularity and thanks were extended to Cllr Casey for webmastering this.

The Parish Council continue to be grateful to PC N Moore and his team in maintaining law and order in the Parish and anti-social behaviour is at a low level.

The Chairman concluded his report by thanking various people for their input into village life and also to the community organisations for the continued support for village events.  All of which make Haslington Parish a safe and desirable place to live.


2 – Parish Council Meeting for May 2014

At the start of the evening the Chairman said how very sad the death of Cllr Ken Lightfoot was; he will be missed as being a very forthright and community spirited councillor.

The meeting began with elections of Chairman to Cllr Richard Hovey for the forthcoming year and the Vice Chairman elected was Cllr Geoff Beadle

The elections to committees was held and it was decided to put on hold the election of Treasurer until a new Parish Councillor had been nominated,

PC N Moore gave his report and said he and his team had been on a speedwatch exercise at which speeding tickets had been issued to quite a few people.  The main speeding area were Kents Green/Crewe Road area 50+ and through Haslington to Winterley 40+.

Various offences were reported including 2 burglaries, 2 assaults, fly tipping 2 road offences and a domestic incident in Vicarage Road.

The Clerk issued a leaflet of Cheshire East Reflects, four programmes of activities to commemorate the First World War for residents, and visitors to Cheshire East.  The information on these can be found on

It as also reported that the Parish will remember the outbreak of the First World War in a special Remembrance Day service held in November 2014.

Haslington Parish Council has applied for a grant towards safety additions to our War Memorial.  The application is to the Great War Memorial Trust.

A parishioner has offered to buy a tree for the Parish as a memorial to his late wife.  This was discussed and will be looked into in more detail at the next meeting.

The goalposts on the playing field have been removed as they were rotten and breaking up. New posts have been ordered and it is planned to install them further away from the Gutterscroft Centre.

It was reported that vehicles and barriers used by the agencies updating the roads and electric supplies had parked on the village green without permission and broken the kerbing around the green.  The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authorities to ask they repair this damage immediately.

The finances of the Parish Council had been given approval by the Internal Auditor.

The footpath from the Dingle to the Gutterscroft was badly overgrown by hedges and the Clerk was to write to Cheshire East to report this and ask it be dealt with as soon as possible as it was a very well used path.

It was reported that dog litter is becoming a very important issue. Comments were made that as nobody had seen any stray dog owners must bear the responsibility of cleaning their animals excrement off the highways.  Bradeley Road to Oakland Avenue path seems to be a major problem in the area.

The recycling bins on the car park adjacent to Bargain Booze were reported as overflowing and Councillor Hammond promised to look into this immediately.

Although planings material had been requested from Cheshire East to help rectify the problem of potholes in the Gutterscroft and to shore up the area between the bottom on the fencing and the pavement at Winterley Pool none had been received up to the present time.  Councillor John Hammond promised to look into this.

A vacancy for a Parish Councillor has arisen and anyone who thinks they could have a valuable input into the Parish please write to The Clerk to Haslington Parish Council, Mrs Joan Adams, 20 Valley Road, Wistaston, Crewe, CW2 8JX  or alternative ring 01270 568760 to register your interest.