Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2013

Officer Elections:

Councillor Richard Hovey was elected as Chairman of the Parish Council for 2013/2014

Councillor Geoff Beadle was elected Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for 2013/2014

Councillor Alan Casey was thanked for his previous two years as Chairman and he was congratulated by all councillors for his excellent work.

Councillor Richard Hovey was thanked for his two years as Vice Chairman and for his support to Councillor Casey

Councillor Bill Herriman was elected as Chairman of Finance and Councillor Alan Casey was elected as Vice Chairman of Finance

Councillor Hovey was elected as Chairman of Planning

Councillors Mrs Doris Farrall, Mrs Sharon Gorman, Mrs Yvonne Bushill were elected responsible delegates for the Parish Council for theBritainin Bloom/Best Kept Villages Committee with Mr Chris Betts co-opted as a member of this Committee.

The elected Gutterscroft Management Committee was Councillor John Hammond, Councillor Mrs Doris Farrall and Mr D Green

The Parish Tree Warden was Mr Colin Lythgoe

The Yoxall Committee representative was Mr Bill Herriman with Councillor Lee Allen and Councillor Geoff Beadle in support.

The Parish Council would be represented by Councillor Lee Allen on the Maw Green Landfill Site Community Liaison Meetings.

The Parish Council would be represented by Councillor George Wood and Councillor Mrs Yvonne Bushill on The White Moss Quarry Liason Group.

Other Business:

PC Nick Moore gave a brief resume on the offences experienced in the last month these comprised of various offences from assault, theft and burglary. Five ASB issues comprised of malicious calls and nuisance calls.

The gate off the by-pass adjoining Elton Lane had been stolen and bollards have replaced the gate.  This leaves access to pedestrians but no access to vehicles.

The SDUs had been moved to Crewe Road opposite the doctors’ surgery and Crewe Road opposite Winterley Pool.

The Parish Council were to purchase three more solar panels to allow all three panels to be run on solar power thus alleviating the need for batteries which can run flat.

The information reported by Councillor Beadle supported the idea that the panels were making drivers more aware of their speed and cutting down the speed of the traffic.

E-mails complaining about the speed of traffic in the Dingle had been received and PC Moore was to look into these.

Three more speedwatch volunteers are needed and anyone who would like to get involved with this project please telephone PC Moore on 01606 363363.

The matter of potholes was again raised with Councillors not being able to understand why, when filling certain potholes, the contractors were ignoring smaller ones adjacent to the ones being filled.  Councillors understand that the holes need to be a certain width and depth but could not understand why adjacent ones were being left when they were so close to those being filled!

Attention was brought to the meeting of complaints about the aforesaid potholes and of dog dirt littering footpaths and pavements.  These complaints are not in the remit of the Parish Council but they would urge anyone exercising their dogs to pick up the dirt they leave.  It is the responsibility of the dog owners and it is a fineable offence.  The dog warden was to be contacted in connection with this complaint.

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