Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2008

Councillor Mrs Doris Farrall was elected Chairman for the forthcoming year and Councillor Bill Herriman was elected to be Vice Chairman.  Councillor Richard Hovey was elected Chairman of Planning and as Responsible Officer for Haslington Parish Council.

PC  Nick Moore reported there had been eight crimes during April, 9 anti-social behaviour problems and speeding dealt with over a period of two days.  He stated that new volunteers are required for Speed Watch.  He reported on the new alcohol free zones and outlined various matters.

Restricted view at the junction of the Dingle/Clay Lane was reported because of an overhanging hedge; all grids throughout the Parish need cleaning as flooding was experienced recently in many locations after heavy rain. Various hedges in the Parish are overhanging the pavements and need to be cut back.  The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authorities on these matters.

Councillors were very concerned that the zebra crossing on Crewe Road is still not illuminated and this needs to be addressed in the interest of public safety.

Clerk was asked to write yet again to Cheshire County Council asking them to finish the end of the parking zone along Brook Terrace. This was first raised in 2007.

Information had been placed on the Notice boards regarding 4 vacancies for Independent Members on the Cheshire Police Authority.  It is hoped to make the new appointments in August 2008

Councillor Chris Betts had completed the draft copies of the Parish Plan and it was hoped parishioners could see it on the Village Fun Day and get resident feedback.

There was a large delegation from Oakhanger and Alsager objecting to plans for the Recycling Waste Operations at White Moss Oakhanger. Chairman closed the meeting to allow residents to voice their objections and to allow the applicant to reply.  All their concerns would be sent on to Cheshire County Council.  The applicant stated that the people who are nearest to White Moss had no objections. The Chairman then opened the meeting to allow Councillors discussions.

The meeting was closed again to allow a representative of the planning application for demolition of stables and construction of Forge and Stables at Swallow Farm Elton Lane.

The meeting was opened again for Parish Council business.

It was decided to remove the sign from the Village Green permanently.  Two new flower stands were to be erected at the entrance to the Crosslands.