Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2020

A resident from the village came to ask the Parish Council for help in stopping the young people from make a nuisance of themselves in the evening, at the Gutterscroft playing field. She said that she had heard shouting and bad language at evening and early morning. She had phoned 101 three times with the complaints within a year and suggested that more can be done. She suggested putting a fence around the playing field and locking it at 10pm and unlocking it at 6am. She was quite willing to do the locking up and unlocking and was sure that some of her neighbours would be happy to help. However as the footpath goes alongside the playing field adjoins the one leading to New Street it is difficult to fence this area off. In the past this has been discussed but the police said this would lead to a narrowing of the footpath and could lead to gangs of youngsters fighting in the narrow area causing disturbance to the houses on the other side of the Gutterscroft hedge. Further discussions would take place with the Police for advice and any plans would be followed up at subsequent meetings.

There had been one report of an attempted burglary in the parish and the residents were asked to ensure all windows and doors were locked. The problem of flooding in Hassall Road and Wheelock Heath was reported and also Holmshaw Lane was flooded to make it almost impassable and needed urgent attention. Mill Lane in Oakhanger was also flooded making it difficult for residents with cars to access the Lane.

The lights at Winterley – Steward Milner estate and George Gallimore Drive that had been reported previously had now been installed.

The Neighbourhood planning meeting had been postponed due to ill health.

The Waters Edge estate at Winterley had now had the play area installed and was awaiting this to be signed off.

The Daily Mail Litter Pick between 20 March and 13 April was to be arranged and anyone interested in taking part are more than welcome. The actual date of our parish to do the litter picking is to be arranged and will be advertised on the website.

Donations were made to the Haslington Rangers to enable them to completely overhaul the Girlguiding Programme.

The Methodist Church at Winterley also applied for a donation towards the new car parking safety marking and restrictive bumps. This donation was granted also.

The restrictions around the Village Green were discussed and the decision on this will be made at the April meeting.

The question of speed cameras was raised and it was acknowledge that PC Lizzie Jolley had caught a large number of vehicles speeding.

Councillor Ian Goodwin had distributed discount cards for the village and businesses taking part in this venture can be found in the website.

Councillors Janet Griffith was going into the Haslington Dingle School and Councillor Samantha Green was to go into the Haslington Primary School to ask the children to design a poster to illuminate the problem of people not picking up their dog fouling. These would be examined by the Parish Council and the winning poster would be put onto lampposts etc.

The cinema film will take place at the Yoxall Village Hall on 6 April starting at 7.30pm

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 6 April 2020 at Oakhanger. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 568760.

Cllr. Mrs Doris Farrall