Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2019

Before the meeting began, a resident from Winterley reported local concerns regarding a planning consultation for house building on Pool Lane Winterley.

The Chairman reported that he had received a letter of resignation from Mrs H Mollart regarding her being a Councillor of Haslington Parish Council and it was accepted.

The police speeding enforcement had been in action in Haslington in recent weeks and several repeat offenders had been caught. The crime figures for the Parish were quite low this month.

Concern was expressed regarding road work on Crewe Road opposite Crewe Green Avenue. The cones alerting traffic had been put up but no traffic lights had been installed or any lights on the cones to alert road users.

Maw Lane was again a feature of concern regarding traffic speeding along this road as it has no footpath for pedestrians. The white lines warning of 30mph had worn away and it was thought that at least these should be renewed sooner rather than later.

The pot holes in Maw Lane were an ongoing problem as was the potholes in Clay Lane. Although some had been repaired it was not thought that enough work had been done although they had been reported to residents. Councillor Mrs Farrall had reported them to the Highways Department but had not had any reply.

The new playing equipment on the playing field at the Gutterscroft was being finalised after consultation with ANSA. They include, along with others, a Zip Wire, new swings and a roundabout for disabled children and will hopefully be installed by summer.

PCSO Jolley is interested in co-ordinating the Home Watch Scheme.

The following advice to residents was given.

Keep the front and back door locked with the keys taken out even when at home.

Stop and think if anyone is expected look through the window to identify caller.

If you have a door chain or door bar be sure to put in on before opening the door.

Always ask the callers for ID and check carefully even of the caller has a pre-arranged appointment.

The missing manhole in the pavement at Winterley has been reported many times but no action has yet been taken.

The wooden fencing around Winterley Pool needs renewing.

A temporary shelter to highlight the bus stop is essential for the convenience of residents in Oakhanger.

Councillors said that the daffodils along Primrose Avenue were beautiful and a credit to the village as were the daffodils along the main road throughout the Parish.

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 1 April 2019/ Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760.