Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2016

Before the meeting started a resident voiced complaints about the parking in St Matthews Close. He said that when the Waterloo Road car park was full vehicles were parking in the St Matthews Close and causing problems for the traffic going into and out of the Close.  As it was not illegal to park in this roadway the Chairman said that people should be aware of other road users and not obstruct the roadway and park sensibly.

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore who was accompanied by PCSO S Watson.

PC Moore said that the problem concerning the yellow lines on the main road was a traffic wardens remit. Unfortunately, only a small number of traffic wardens are employed by Cheshire East Council. The police could only intervene if the vehicles were parked within 10 metres of a junction. He had asked a person who had parked outside One Stop if they knew the limits of the parking and dangers of parking so near to a junction and asked them to be more respective of other road users.

He then reported that there had been four criminal damages to cars in the area, one shoplifting offence, one assault, one theft, criminal damage to a property and ASBs for people allowing dog fouling, one nuisance youth and a young girl being approached in Repton Drive by a stranger.

The pot holes in Maw Lane were reported as increasing in number and of being very dangerous as they are encroaching more and more into the middle of the road. This problem is acerbated by the bridge in Hungerford Road being closed to outgoing traffic.  Vehicles are using Maw Lane as an alternative route and the country road is being used by more and more traffic.

As there seems to be little hope of changing the speed limit in Maw Lane it was suggested that signs warning of cattle crossing near to Clayhanger Hall Farm could be erected.  The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant department concerning this matter.

There had been a request for chippings to be laid at the Cross Street end of the walkway between there and Crewe Road as it was beginning to be very muddy.  This walkway is used by school children and many residents use it to access the One Stop and Post Office.

The top car park in Waterloo Road has an access onto the roadway in St Matthews Close.  It was requested that the edge of the path could be painted with white lines to make the edge easier to see.   The light does not illuminate all of the path and this could result in people falling.

It was stated that anyone with concerns regarding street lights being out, pavements being dangerous and potholes in the road should be reported direct to Cheshire East Council as soon as these defects are noticed. This should result in quicker repairs being made to the offending defect.

The yellow lines at the Dingle School would not be extended but it was planned to erect 20mph flashing signs when the school was opening and closing.   These would be erected in Maw Lane at the junction of Clay Lane and the Dingle, Primrose Avenue and the junction of Repton Drive and the Dingle

The light on Crewe Road which has not been light over many months, firstly reported to Parish Council in September will hopefully be repaired before the next meeting.

The Dingle is to be closed between Monday 4 April to Friday 15 April to enable United Utilities to carry out necessary repairs. 

The alternative route will be via The Dingle, Maw Lane, Clay Lane, Haslington By-Pass and Crewe Road and vice versa which is considered to be the most suitable route.

Postcards for the Neighbourhood Plan have been distributed to residents for their views on the Plan.

It was reported that the Foresters Arms in Winterley was open again and it was hoped it would be successful.

The Chairman’s Communications Policy for Haslington Parish Council was well received and approved with one of two minor amendments.

It was reported that Primrose Avenue had been swept and it was hoped all of the village would be swept also.

Haslington Clean Team were to be provided with equipment for 12 users.

The Insurance for the annual May Day event to be held on the Village Green would be paid by the Parish Council.

Residents were asked to respond to the Cheshire East questionnaire and to ensure their view on the importance of the Green Gap.

Slaughter Hill bus stop is to stay after a meeting of various authorities and negotiations are underway to provide a lay by at the top of the road.

A donation was made to Winterley Trainer Band to enable them to purchase equipment for this project.  It was deemed to be a very worthwhile cause.

It was resolved to make a donation of a commemorative coin to all children in the Haslington Primary School and The Dingle School to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

The Union Flag will be raised, on the Village Green, on 9th March for Commonwealth Day and 21st April for the Queen’s Birthday.

If you wish to register any concerns regarding the meetings please contact Mrs Joan Adams at

or 01270 568760, alternatively visit to register any concerns you have regarding Haslington Parish Council

Councillor D Farrall