Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2015

Josie Raynor the Community Policewoman for the area attended the meeting as PC Nick Moore is still suffering from broken limbs sustained on his skiing holiday. She reported that youths in the pathway between Lynton Grove and Crewe Road had been congregating and causing suspicion.  It is well known that one or two youths wait in this region to meet with other people.

There had been an intruder at a property in Kents Green Lane, a theft of a petrol generator had been reported from a Gutterscroft residency and ASB’s had been given to a number of youths on the Gutterscroft playing field.

Councillor Lee Allen told Councillors that the Annual Fun Day would take place on the Village Green on 16 May and she expected another good fund-raising event.

A sign warning motorists of pedestrians using the lane is required from Newtons Lane to Clay Lane

The pavements throughout the parish are in a poor state and it was stated that they had not received proper remedial work for a number of years. A report to be sent to Cheshire East.

The street lights reported at the February meeting were still not working but Councillor Casey said that the one in Park Road is now working.  However the flooding caused by the grid blockage outside the Church Hall had still not been attended to.

The Belisha beacons were now fully operational and can now be easily seen by motorists.  Hopefully this will provide a safer crossing place for pedestrians.

A speed sign is needed for Maw Lane and the Dingle as motorists exceed the speed limit there on a regular basis.  This is a very busy road, adjacent to the DingleSchool and speeding motorists make it very dangerous for the children attending that school.

Car parking on pavements is an ongoing problem and the authorities are required to make more regular visits to the Village to address the activity which is causing limited access on pavements for pedestrians.

The dog fouling issue is still ongoing with photos on the website ( and notices have been posted on noticeboards throughout.  As stray dogs are extremely rare in the Parish it can only be assumed that it is very selfish and uncaring owners who are responsible for this problem.

The rubbish on the by-pass has been cleared and this news was welcomed.  Fly tipping is extremely selfish and annoying.

Everyone welcomed the news that plans are being considered to make the Hanley buses stopping on the Slaughter Hill/Crewe Road safer.  It is very dangerous when the two buses approach these stops at the same time. Something needs to be done to alleviate this problem.

Haslington Parish Council AGM will take place at 7pm on 13 April 2015.

Councillor Doris Farrall