Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2014

The meeting began with the Chairman welcoming Mr David Kerr as the new Councillor for Haslington.  He was elected to the Council at the February meeting of the Parish Council.

PC Nick Moore gave his police report for the preceding month; it consisted of offences regarding shoplifting, assault, burglary, theft of a motor bike in Clay Lane and a motor vehicle.  Three ASB notices had been served these were for bullying by the social media.

He had been involved with residents in Vicarage Road regarding the Elan Homes development but hoped that the development would take place without any further trouble.

The potholes situation was ongoing and a very dangerous one near to Kents Green Lane was reported as being of needing immediate attention.  Also the pavement between the Co-op and the Hawk was reported as disintegrating rapidly.

Thanks were made to PC Moore for his efforts to keep the village a safe place.

It was reported that the Hazel Bank developers were going to appeal to the Secretary of State before the plans had been submitted to the Planning Committee of Cheshire East Council.  Residents involved in the Action Group and others would have the opportunity to send their objections to:  The Secretary, Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 the Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 PN before 9 April 2014.

It was reiterated that the Leader of Cheshire East Councillor Michael Jones had given the residents of the parish his assurance at a recent meeting that no development would take place in this area and councillors hoped that the assurances given would give backing to the objections.

The lights in the Gutterscroft were still not lit, they had been out since before Christmas and the Clerk was asked to contact Cheshire East to urge that these be repaired immediately.  This was a very unsatisfactory situation that had been reported at every Parish Council meeting since January.

The survey conducted by Councillor Geoff Beale regarding the needs of the youth in the parish had resulted in 35% asking for a multi use game area and a sports ground.  He will be involved in the project for the foreseeable future.

The speed checks had resulted in vehicles travelling at 37.7 mph on the Jessop Way check; the hours recorded were 11-12am and 3-4pm. The Hollybush speed area was between 8-9am

A new handrail is to be installed at the War Memorial making it safer for people when approaching the Memorial and it was suggested that new paving plus other remedial work was needed. A grant from Cheshire East War Memorial Trust was being investigated.

The Clerk reported that that the band who supplied the music for Remembrance Day was disbanding and Councillor Wood suggested contacting Winterley Methodist band for their help.

Councillor John Hammond reported that the 5 year housing supply was in place and this would be accepted immediately.

The viewing platform on the walkway along Primrose Avenue had been mended after being reported as being unsafe recently.

Councillor Lee Allen said that the Fun Day on the Village Green would take place on 17 May.


Councillor D. Farrall