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Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2013

The meeting began with PC Nick Moore giving reports of crime committed during January and February 2013.

Various crimes had been committed including burglary in Winterley, damage to vehicles inWellesley Avenue, shop lifting, domestic violence and 12 ASB incidents.

Parking on verges and pavements was still taking place a PC Moore was to speak to the relevant offenders.

Dog fouling seems to be on the increase and as dog without a walker is very rare it seems that people do not take the dog fouling seriously and just let the dog foul the pavement without cleaning up the dog mess afterwards.  The Dog Warden is to be contacted to try to catch the offending walkers.

The second location for the 30mph sign is to be investigated by Councillor Geoff Beadle and PC Moore.  It seems that there is a problem re-siting these signs as residents object to them being near to their housing.  As these signs are very helpful in cutting the speed of the  traffic going through the Parish it is urgent that they are re-sited as soon as possible.

The lighting betweenRepton DriveandCrewe Roadseems to be faulty, when one light comes on the other one goes out.  The Clerk to write the relevant authority regarding this and other street lights that are not working properly.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman took part in a meeting regarding the proposed Oakhanger development. The Parish Council share the concern of the people of Oakhanger and Barthomley with these proposals.

The matter of the potholes refuses to go away and indeed is getting worse.  Residents are urged to ring the Cheshire Highways on 0300 123 5020 to report any potholes in their area.  Please ring and ring again to make the Highways realise what a serious problem this is in the Parish

Some of the hedges alongCrewe Roadare making the pavements impassable for people with wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs and indeed more than one person at a time.  The Clerk to write to the relevant authority to try to get some action before the spring time when the birds begin to nest.

The Clerk was trying to ascertain a supplier of a Christmas Tree to be planted on the Village Green as a permanent fixture.  The cost of a Christmas tree on a yearly basis is becoming very expensive and the idea of a permanent tree is being explored.

The noticeboard at Winterley that was damaged by hedge cutting is to be replaced and the Clerk is to write to the people responsible for this damage to ask for compensation.

Permission was given for an Ecumenical Service to take place on the Village Green on Good Friday at 11.30am and to have the Cross remain for the whole of that day.

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