Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2011

PC N Moore reported there had been numerous burglaries in the area, one in particular was quite a professional break in, there had been reported assaults but these had not  ended in any charges being made.  There were 4 anti-social instances and the Gutterscroft Playing Field was once again being use for drinking and smashing glass.  Also the playing field is suffering from dog fouling and this is causing concern.  Cars parked on pavement was also an issue, these cars cause difficulty for wheelchair users and mothers with pushchairs.  PC Moore promised to look into these issues.

A parishioner had expressed concern that the Travellers may again come to Haslington and councillors promised to keep a close eye on the situation although they had no knowledge of them re-visiting at this moment in time.  Parish Council had received a letter from Cheshire East who had been told by the Police that the events were in the main very positive.  Councillors disagreed with this statement and asked the Clerk to write to the Police informing of the actions of some of the travellers that had caused distress to residents.

It was decided that Haslington and Winterley would again enter the North West in Bloom separately once more.

The Gutterscroft Playing Field is now being inspected professionally

on a monthly basis to ensure all the play equipment is in good working order.

Councillor Wood brought the matter of a vacancy for treasurer of the Yoxall Trust Committee but he had asked Councillor Casey to take this on and was quite sure of a positive response.  Councillor Joan White had been treasurer for a great number of years but now felt that she was not able to carry this job on.  The Yoxall Trust was set up a good many years ago to help the poor of Haslington, Winterley and Wheelock.

The Chairman raised the issue of surveying that had taken place in the Parish of Crewe Green with the intention of planning permission being granted for residential housing.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Crewe Green Parish Council to invite them to a meeting with Haslington Parish Council to discuss this issue. There were concerns that no notification had been given to Haslington as a neighbouring parish as it was thought development in this area would have a detrimental effect on both parishes.

Councillor D Farrall