Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2010

PC Nick Moore reported that there had been 9 offences committed during February. There were three assaults, a burglary to a shed, suspected drugs offences on three occasions in Clay Lane and a bungalow in Shelburne Drive had been burgled.  Also there were six Anti Social Behaviours and 2 Acceptable Behaviour Contracts dealt with.  (The Acceptable Behaviour Contract is a deterrent to becoming Anti Social Behaviour).  It was reported to PC Moore that drinking had been taking place on the Gutterscroft Playing Field and he was asked to keep an eye on this situation.  It was also reported that a young man with a TalkTalk badge had been asking various residents about their landline and were they having problems with their lines.  The people who were approached did not have TalkTalk as their provider and PC Moore said he would investigate to see if anything similar had been reported.

The potholes in the roads are still a major problem but it was realised that with the recent salting of the roads and the subsequent deterioration in them it was a problem all over Cheshire East.  Councillor Hammond urged residents to keep ringing to report potholes they considered dangerous.  The number to ring is 0300 123 5500.

The parking on the yellow lines after 6pm was a matter for concern and PC Moore said he would look into this.  If a car is illegally parked near to a road junction the police can issue a summons.

The matter of the open spaces ie Primrose Avenue walkway, behind Asquith Close and Shelburne Drive was still ongoing and the Chairman was urged to keep pressure on Cheshire East to enable the Parish Council to take ownership of the land behind Shelburne Drive.

Councillors Lee Allen and Alan Casey had given an interview on Radio Stoke about the village ie shops and community happenings.  It was reported that the Women Institute is going from strength to strength with a strong membership.  They meet in the Cosey Club on a Tuesday evening and anyone wishing to know more about this can contact;  Secretary: Rachel Hughes


Phone: 01270 585623

Discussions are still ongoing regarding providing changing facilities for teams playing on the Clay Lane football field with an input from various organisations.

Although the website had asked if anyone had land to let for allotments or if anyone wished to share their garden for vegetable growing there had been a nil response.  Until a suitable site is found for allotments this matter will lie dormant.

Councillor D Farrall