Parish Council Meeting Notes – March 2009

 PC Moore reported that 11 crimes had been committed during the month.  He had also looked at sites on the Crewe Road that had been reported as being hazardous for motorists, ie the crossing islands in the middle of the road through to Winterley.  He stated that no change would be made, it was important that pedestrians had safety measures in crossing the road. 

It was reported that both gates into Haslington Primary School were being used.  In the past the small gate was locked in the interests of road safety, the Official Crossing Warden was situated at the main gate.  Councillors Lee Allen and Mrs A Bloor said they would investigate.

Councillors expressed their frustration that the pavements were all in need of resurfacing and although the County Highways had been notified of the concerns over a great length of time nothing had been done.

A street light in Clay Lane had been removed and the Clerk was asked to write to the appropriate Authority to ask for its reinstatement.

The Chairman and Councillors had received an invitation to attend the opening of the Business Centre at Haslington Hall.  The Chairman said it had been an enjoyable night and the Clerk was asked to write to Mr & Mrs Isaq to thank them for their hospitality.

Chairman had attended a meeting with Mr Edward Timpson MP along with Councillors John Hammond and Richard Hovey to give support to two residents representing a number of people asking that the O2 mast be placed in a more appropriate setting and not in front of the houses on Crewe Road, Haslington.

On 31st March Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council and Cheshire County Council cease to exist and East Cheshire would come into being.  Borough Councillors were thanked for their efforts on behalf of the Parish Council over the past years, and more recently Councillors Hammond and Mottram.  Councillor Hammond is on the East Cheshire Strategic Planning Board which will be divided into two areas North and South.  At the next meeting he will be a Cheshire East Borough Councillor

The new play equipment was to be installed on the Playing Field at Gutterscroft at the beginning of March.

Letters of thanks had been received from the recipients of grants made to them from the Parish Council to enable them to carry out various projects in the future.   These were various organisations who helped to keep the young people interested in activities after school.

The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Winsford would be willing to attend a meeting and make a presentation highlighting their support.  The Clerk was asked to write to obtain further details.

The Chairman welcomed Cheshire East Councillor David Brown who spoke on Local Strategic Partnerships.  He stated that a Map has been agreed and consists of various bodies,  Councillors stated that Haslington is a rural area more in keeping with Sandbach and Congleton but they would wish to keep our Community Policing.  Councillor Brown stated that the Education Improvement Partnerships are not going to change areas.  He also stated that Crewe Town Council will not happen for another 18 months.  He will attend the meeting on 6 April to give a further update.

Councillor Betts reported that the Village Plan will shortly be finalised.

Councillor Allen thanked everyone who had contributed to the photograph album which was taken to South Africa by representatives from The Dingle School.

The Village Fun Day will be held on Saturday 16 May 2009 on the Village Green.

D Farrall – Chair