Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2020

There had been no report from the police to date. The Chairman to contact Crewe Police to ask why no reports are being received.

The  Clerk had received an e-mail from Cheshire Police stating that they are not supporting road closures on Remembrance Sunday 2020. The Chairman had contacted Road Traffic Control Management Team stated that there would be a cost involved.

The potholes in the area are still a concern and Councillor Edgar is dealing with this matter.

Overhanging trees in Winterley are causing road safety problems and the closure of Middlewich Road could cause problems with the Maw Lane/Remer Street junction.

The streetlight on Crewe Road has been repaired unfortunately the streetlights on Winterley Pool bend are not lit. This had been reported to Cheshire East Council.

The re-seeding of the Gutterscroft Football area has been done but unfortunately the extremely dry weather has caused some of the seed has not taken in. This will be remedied in the next few days,

Travellers are in the area and Chairman reminded Members that no final decision has been reached to prevent them gaining access to the Village Green. This is extremely worrying and hopefully will be remedied sooner rather than later.

Various planning applications in the area had been made and Councillor Edgar is dealing with them.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being addressed by the Vice Chairman and hopefully will be resumed shortly.

If any member of the public had any concerns please contact the Clerk Mrs J Adams, Telephone number 568760