Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2019

The meeting began with a request from the secretary of the Play Area Committee asking when the new play equipment was to be put onto the playing field. The Chairman told the resident that according to ANSA work was to be started at the end of June beginning of July with a 4/5 week build time weather permitting.

Cheshire East Coucncillor Mary Addison attended the meeting as did the co-opted Parish Councillors Martin Deakin and Richard Hovey.
A plan for events to commemorate the commencing of World War II in September had been received. Councillors who had volunteered to help with this event were awaiting a follow up meeting and had some questions with regards the activities planned. The Clerk was to write to Helen Mollart to ask for more information and agreed meeting date. The Parish Council wish to reiterate this is a Commemoration or Rememberance Day NOT a celebration of the beginning of the War.
The Maw Lane hedge at the junction with the Dingle was very dangerously overgrown. This had been reported on several occasions and the Clerk was asked to write to the Highways Department once again but it was reiterated that residents can report by the Cheshire East portal to increase intelligence.
Mr Richard Hovey was elected as Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council by a unanimous vote.

Police had reported: increase in anti-social behaviour at the Gutterscroft playing field. PCSO Jolley reported that she had attended the schools in her beat to meet the children.
She had had several beat meetings with the residents where car parking problems etc were discussed.
It was reported that there were no white exit lines on the new housing estates, This is deemed to be a danger to vehicles passing the estates on the main road.
There is no road sign on Newtons Lane, the Haslington sign on the Sandbach side is unable to be seen because of the overgrown verge and hedge that is hiding it.
The Kents Green sign needs adjusting.
A sign on Maw Lane advising motorists of the exit and entrance to the Skate Park is needed for the safety of the children using the Skate Park as there is no footpath leading to the gateway this was to be raised with Highways safety officer.
The Oakhanger sign is missing and a new one needs to be put in place as soon as possible.
The Yoxall Village Hall is in need of new members for the committee as some of the people on the committee have been serving this worthwhile venture for many years and are now wish to pass on to new group of people with fresh ideas. Roles required desperate need for a new Secretary, Treasurer and Booking Clerk and Chairman.

Councillor Hovey has a number of books showing Walks Around Haslington and these can be seen at the Bakery. They are free to any residents wishing to have one of these.
The flower baskets are now in place awaiting filling.
Residents who water these will be gifted with plant food for the flowers and the Parish Council are very grateful to these residents for their time given to this venture.
It was reported that a vehicle had been driven round the football field and Cheshire East Council was to provide a lock to the gate to prevent any vehicles entering this field.
The fencing around the trees on the Village Green was to be removed and the noticeboard on one of the trees was to be relocated on the Green.
The Cheshire East Councillors were asked to put pressure on the relevant people to get the problem of the missing bus shelter at Oakhanger resolved. This bus shelter is very well used and the problem has been reported to the bus company many times. Also to have Glass cleared.
The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 1 JULY 2019 Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760.