Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2017

The meeting began with the Chairman reading a report that had been submitted by Cheshire Police that involved Crime Commission meeting concerns. The lack of meeting the public is concerning but incidents that had been reported had been dealt with by the response team in a very good way.

There is to be a poster erected locally asking for help in fighting the dog fouling problem. The number to ring if you are interested is 0300 123 50 21.

Any concerns residents may have over potholes etc. would they please ring 0300 123 5500 where they can report the problem directly to Cheshire East Council. This will result in a quicker response from the Cheshire East Council rather than wait for the monthly Parish Council meeting.

There is to be an election on 29 June to fill the vacancy for the Winterley Ward on the Parish Council. This vacancy was caused by Councillor Gorman’s resignation due to ill health. The Parish Council were saddened by this news but all good wishes and thanks for her input over the years were sent to Councillor Gorman. The election is to take place in Winterley and all residents liable to vote will be informed by post by Cheshire East Council.

The Chairman thanked all involved in the Neighbours Fun Day and said although the weather was pretty poor a good turnout of people was experienced, this resulted in a very good day for all concerned.

The speeding through the Parish was still a problem and speed camera action is required. In the meantime, Speed Watch conducted by volunteers was to continue.

A data assessment for the crossing by the Yoxall was needed to be upgraded to a signalised crossing.

Councillor Beadle had a meeting with residents re the Hazel Bank development. The result of this meeting was positive.

The Yoxall kitchen had been upgraded with funds donated by the Co-op.

The walkway from Crewe Road to Repton Drive is in need of urgent attention. It is very badly overgown and unsightly in the area. Likewise the footpath from Gutterscroft to Bradeley Hall Road is in a similar condition. The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authorities regarding these issues.

Winterley bus stop was not being used as the designated stop but the bus shelter was to be installed and hopefully this would solve the problem. The parking in this area is also causing a problem for the buses to stop in this place.

The Haslington Cricket Club has made the car park available to the Dingle School to help with the parking problem.

The next meeting of Haslington Parish Council will be held on 3 July at 6.30pm. If anyone would like a full report of the June meeting can they please ring the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams, on 568760. This will be issued after the July Meeting on 3 June 2017.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall