Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2016

The meeting began with PC Nick Moore giving his report on criminal activities in the Parish during the last month.

The included 4 assaults (one of which was domestic) 2 burglaries, theft of a motor vehicle, damage to a motor vehicle, a drug offence (which was a vehicle stopped in Haslington but the youths were not local) and criminal damage to windows in a dwelling. He said that the officers from Cheshire East were working with the police with regards to the Limes at Winterley being occupied by unauthorised personnel, the main aim to get this building safe from intruders.

He also advised that the person responsible for the admin of Haslington Community Page should not put the name to anyone who was, in their view, causing problems i.e. speeding, parking etc.

PC Moore is retiring from the police force in the near future and he gave the Parish Council the details of his successor. She is PC Terrie Cummings and will be taking over in the next month. He said she had a very good knowledge of Haslington and Winterley and he has every confidence she will be an asset to the Parish.

He also reported that cannabis had been left on the Gutterscroft and he is certain that this is being used overnight and not by the children using the playing field in the daytime. The police are keeping a careful watch on this situation.

All the Councillors thanked PC Nick Moore for his unstinting care of the Parish over his nine years in charge. He will be greatly missed.

Oakland Avenue was reported as being in a very bad state with potholes etc, it is in need of urgent immediate resurfacing, not just repair.

The car park sign for Waterloo Road has still not been put back on the post and the Clerk was to put it on the list of ‘things to be done’.

There are overhanging branches of trees in Bradeley Road and these need to be cut back in the name of safety.

There are nettles in the hedgerow in Maw Lane and Clay Lane and these are an obstruction to people walking along these lanes as there is no footpath, consequently the verges cannot be used.

Newtons Lane in Winterley has some very overgrown hedges and these need cutting back.

The car park in Waterloo Road was flooded during the recent heavy rain. This has righted itself with event of better weather.

The mowing of the verges and the grass around the flower beds at Oakland Avenue is disgusting with grass that has been mowed left to go brown and the grass that has been left should have been mown along with all the other areas. This is the responsibility of Cheshire East Council and is very unsatisfactory.

The Fun Day on the Village Green went very well and Councillor Lee Allen and her team were congratulated.

The Picnic on the Green to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday was to go ahead but participants of this event were aware that it was at their own risk. However, a risk assessment was to be made by Councillor Peake.

The gateway off the Haslington By-Pass to Elton Lane was now blocked to prevent this being used as access to Elton Lane.

Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain was to take place in the area of 6 September and all information for this event is to be found on the website

Speeding enforcement was to be carried out, as problems have been identified in 6 key areas needing attention. The PCSO was to be included in this speedwatch.

A resident had asked if he could put speed humps along the road leading to the Gutterscoft Centre. As this is the responsibility of Cheshire East Council the Parish Council were unable to give permission for these humps to be installed.

The Parish Council had provided litter picking equipment for the Clean Team.

There are to be four defibrillators installed outside the Churches in Haslington, Winterley, Oakhanger and Crewe Green courtesy of the Parish Council.

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