Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2015

The meeting began with a report submitted by PC N Moore of incidents that had taken place in the Parish during May, totalling 10 offences in all. There had been 4 domestic assaults, 2 burglaries dwellings, 2 theft offences and 2 other notifiable offences. There had been 3 ASB incidents reported, 1 youth related incident, 1 fight and 1 dog bite. PC N Moore will attend the July meeting in person.

The PCSO Josie Raynor who served our Parish had left the police and it was requested that the Clerk write to ask for a replacement PCSO.

The speeding problem is still an issue with vehicles speeding through Winterley, along Primrose Avenue and other roads in the Parish. A 20 mph restriction was requested for the area of the Dingle Primary School and it was also requested that signs were erected making motorists aware that they were approaching a primary school.  The sign in the hedge bordering Maw Lane and the Cricket Club was overgrown and needed attention.

The sign for the Gutterscroft Centre had been removed when the lamp post on the corner of Crewe Road and Gutterscroft had been moved.  Councillor Mrs D Farrall said that she had put the sign into the Gutterscroft Centre compound until it could be erected in a suitable place once more.

Cars parking on pavements restricting residents and causing them to walk on the road were a problem and people were quite rightly complaining about this.

Residents along Crewe Road said there was a marked improvement in their parking facilities since the garage had removed a mobile office to provide more parking for cars belonging to the garage.  The residents said they would monitor the problem and if it came back they would like to attend the July meeting.

The enquiry regarding the Kents Green planning application had taken place but the results will not be known for a least two weeks.

There is on ongoing problem with the Slaughter Hill bus stop but it was agreed that it was essential that the Hanley bus came onto Crewe Road in Haslington.

The litter had been removed from the Fox Inn car park and it was requested that a letter be sent to the Licensee thanking them for tidying up this area.  Unfortunately the boxes for unwanted clothes etc are still there but the problem is still being investigated as to who actually owns them.

It was reported that the Sandbach School buses are overcrowded and this problem needs rectifying.

The Church of St Matthews and the Methodist Church are combining in a joint venture regarding two Youth Clubs, one senior and one junior and it is hoped that both the primary schools will become involved in this very worthwhile and very necessary venture.

Councillor Mrs  Mollart said that she wanted to continue her surgery for residents and Councillor G Beadle said he would attend with her if she arranged the date and venue.

The Minutes of the meeting are to be put on the Haslington Parish Notice board after they had been approved by Councillors.

The matter of defibrillators was again discussed and Councillor A Peake said he was still gathering information about this.

The flower beds in the Parish along with the tubs are being planted up in Haslington, Winterley and Oakhanger.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall reported that Mere Close, Orchard Court, the Crosslands and Walker Close are to be judged on their appearances on 14 July by the North West in Bloom judges.

Various alleyways in the Parish needed weed killing and nettles etc cutting back.  These tarmac paths are the responsibility of Cheshire East Council and the Clerk was to write to them regarding this matter.

Waterloo Road Car Park is strewn with rubbish, weeds are prolific and the bin for cans has been removed.  Clerk to refer the matter to ANSA.

It was reported that at long last the grids throughout the Parish are to be cleaned.

Councillor D Farrall