Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2014

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore in which he told the meeting that the crime rate for May had been the worst one for a long time; 15 crimes including shoplifting, theft from gardens, drugs being seized, theft of money and burglary. ASBO’s had been issued to 11 people and he reported a party that overflowed into Kent’s Green Lane involving underage drinking totalling 150 young people.  This happened on two occasions during the Spring Bank holiday week.

Anyone with any concerns i.e. drug misuse or noise nuisance please ring the police on 101 when officers will attend to your concerns.

There had been complaints about lorries parking in Vicarage Road and the adjoining roads waiting to access the development area before 8am, some were there at 6am. The contractors had been issued with the times that the lorries would be admitted to the site but many of them were ignoring them.  The Enforcement Officer from Cheshire East was to be asked to visit the site to ensure as little disruption as possible to the existing residents in that area.

The pavement along Crewe Road from Crewe Green Avenue was completely overgrown and needed immediate attention.  It was reported that people with prams were being forced onto the main road as the pavement was impassable in places.

The Village Fun Day had received a very good attendance and Councillor Lee Allen thanked all who had been involved in making this day possible.  She asked that a letter be sent to George Farrall for his invaluable contribution to the day.

The firm responsible for the installation of solar panels in Maw Lane had offered to come to the Parish Council meeting to give a presentation on their plans.  This was to be accepted.

Councillor Geoff Beadle had done a young people’s survey on what they would like to be involved in within the Parish:

30 questionnaires were completed, ages of children and young people 0-21yrs surveyed. 18 female and 10 male, 25% surveyed attended activities in the village.  100% felt safe in the village. 18% wanted an outdoor gym followed by 11% wanting a bigger park. 50% wanted a cinema and 21% wanted a youth club.

Rating of current equipment – Good – 57%; Fair – 25%; Very Good – 11 %

General comments: “It’s calm with friendly people”, “Crime rate is low”; “No chavs or crime”; “No one is going to kidnap me” and “It’s a friendly neighbourhood”.

The appeal for Hazel Bank development would be held on 1 July. The Action Group were liaising with Councillor Hammond and it was expected that Councillor Richard Hovey would speak at the appeal on behalf of the residents.

The judging of the Neighbourhood Awards by North West in Bloom would take place on 8 July at 3.30pm.  The neighbourhoods involved would be Mere Close, Orchard Court, Walker Close and Crosslands.

The planting out of the tubs in the Parish was taking place and the baskets were expected to be planted up shortly

The dog fouling in the footpath between Primrose and Bradeley Road was still a problem. As there did not seem to be any stray dogs in the village the fault must lie with the owners of the dogs.  The Parish Council appeals to all dog owners to pick up their dog faeces.

It is planned to put bark around the trees on the Village Green to prevent the weeds taking over! Some of the kerbs around the Green have been broken by the contractors who had recently carried out work in the area.  They were to be contacted and asked to make good the damage they had caused.

The walkway between Repton Drive and Crewe Road was badly overgrown; it has not been attended to this year.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Highways Department requesting they rectify this as soon as possible.

The Parish Council were waiting for Cheshire East Highways to provide planings to keep the maintenance of Gutterscroft approach road and the car park up to standard.  However there had not been any road planings provided as yet and as this was an important project it was decided to buy some in the interim.  This would also enable the work at Winterley Pool to be completed.

The First World War was to be commemorated in Cheshire East by all lights to be turned off from 10-11pm on 4 Monday 4 August.  More details would be provided at the next meeting.

Cheshire East Reflects Website will give details of four year programme of activities, events and developments to commemorate the First World War.  The website is  and will give all the details on this project.