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Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2013

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore on various incidents that had taken place in the last month. These included a stolen bicycle, 2 shoplifting offences, noisy motorcycle (no silencer) an issue at the Broughton Arms and unauthorised camping at Haslington Cricket Club. The matter of car sales being displayed atWellesley Avenuewas also brought to the attention of the Parish Council. There was also concern about youngsters playing ball on the Village Green, this presented a potential danger to people passing by and cars in the road being hit and causing an accident.

The water in Fowle Brook seemed to be dirty and waste cans and paper were being tipped into the brook.  Cheshire East were to be contacted to ascertain who was responsible for the upkeep of this brook.

A letter had been received complaining of the waste bins not being taken by the waste recycling lorries fromWest StreetandNew Street. The Clerk was instructed to write to the relevant agency responsible for this collection.

Councillor Geoff Beadle presented a report on the monitoring of the speed of traffic throughout the parish. It seemed that although most traffic concurred with the speed limit there were still some motorists who were exceeding this limit and some excessively.  The average however was 25-30mph.  Speed tickets had been issued inJessop Wayand PC Moore will continue with the speed gun.  He still needs volunteers to help with the speedwatch.  If you feel you can help please get in touch with him on 01606 363363.

The hedge along the Dingle to the junction withClay Laneis overgrown and in need of cutting back.

The pavement at the junction ofRussell DriveandPrimrose Avenueare being damaged by tree roots.  Pot holes are still a big problem in the parish.

The Chairman, Councillor Hovey, expressed thanks to everyone who had contributed in any way to make the Village Fun Day an success. Winterley Band were very good and appreciated by all who heard them.

Glass on the Gutterscroft Playing Field had been reported and dealt with. The playing field is litter picked on a regular basis but sometimes broken glass is found in between the litter picking, when reported it is dealt with immediately.

Dogs being allowed to run off the lead on the playing field is an ongoing concern as is the failure to clean up dog droppings.  This is a children’s playing field and dog owners are asked to respect this fact.

The resurfacing ofHolmshaw Lane, whilst is to be welcomed, is causing concern by the depth of the drop from the tarmac to the grass verge.  Cyclists could be seriously hurt and damage to cars substantial if for any reason they were to come off the road onto the verge.  The Highways Department was to be notified of this concern.

The grids throughout the parish are in need of cleaning.  This used to be carried out on a regular basis but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to happen now.

Councillors were reminded that the Centenary of the Yoxall Village and Haslington Primary School was to be remembered on 6 July 2013. This is something to be proud of and all are urged to attend what promises to be an impressive event.

There has been a request to make a herb garden in the village and this was to be investigated.

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