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Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2011

PC Nick Moore gave a brief account of incidents that had taken place in May. There had been 8 offences reported, 4 for assault, one of which was domestic. There had been vandalism at Lakemoor Country Park where birds had been stolen and a lamb taken and skinned on the road.

There had been various damage to cars in the area and anti social behaviour by 2 groups of young people. Anyone having any concerns were urged to contact the voicemail of the local police on 0845 458 6370 and leave a message for PC Moore or one of the Community Police responsible for Haslington. Otherwise ring 0845 458 0000 and after reporting be sure to ask for an incident number.

The Chairman congratulated Councillor Allen on the success of the Fun Day, he thought it was the best yet She replied that she could not have done this on her own, thanks go to all who helped in anyway shape or form for helping to make the Fun Day the success it undoubtedly was

The Chairman said he and Councillor Hovey had been around the village to ascertain the open spaces maintained by Cheshire East. Councillor Hovey had done a very comprehensive presentation that was presented to the Parish Council.

Car parking on pavements was also a complaint raised, selfish car parking restricting the passage of pedestrians with either push chairs or wheelchairs is a problem throughout the area and parishioners are urged to ensure passage is accessible at all times.

The resurfacing of Roseberry Way through Primrose Avenue to Crewe Road has been postponed until 27 July.

A new barrier at the Dingle end of the footpath leading to Gutterscroft is to be erected in place of the gate and various footpaths were identified as being in need of hedge cutting.

Parishioners were being urged to be on their guard against bogus IT callers. These callers were asking for information to personal accounts that should not be released over the phone.

The problem of dog fouling around the Church Hall and churchyard was reported. Dog fouling in public areas is against the law and stickers were being provided to make these dog owners aware of the fact.

At the last meeting concern had been raised about the disposal of the green bins. It has been ascertained that the wheels and axles were taken by the contractors and would not be going into landfill, the body of the bins were going to be recycled.

There was a report that rats were seen in Winterley in various locations and anyone with any concerns regarding this matter was urged to ring Pest Control on 01270 686601.

There remains a vacancy on the Parish Council and anyone wishing to apply should ring the Clerk to the Parish Council, Mrs Joan Adams, on 01270 568760. The vacancy will be advertised on all the parish noticeboards.

Councillor Lee Allen and Councillor Doris Farrall have been designated to draw up plans to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in June 2012.

The planting up of flower baskets and flower beds and tubs would be taking place in the coming week.

Councillor D Farrall

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