Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2009

 The meeting was told that no complaints about the travellers who had been camped in Winterley had been received by Crewe Police.  Councillors told PC Nick Moore that they themselves had observed issues of improper conduct and had received many complaints from the public of disgusting behaviour by the travellers in the village; also the speed of the vehicles in the village, parking on the Village Green and numerous sightings of illegal parking. Councillors could not understand how Crewe Police had not had complaints when the road at the junction of Crewe Road and the Dingle was closed when an altercation had taken place between the travellers; they had abandoned their vehicles and started fighting. Eight police vehicles attended the incident; consequently Crewe Police must have known what was happening in this instance. PC Moore said that if anyone had any complaints whatever the reason they should ring Crewe Police so that they could be logged. This gathering of travellers was under the auspicious of a religious gathering but very little religion had been observed in the behaviour of the travellers in Haslington. He said that he had been given to understand that the travellers would not be coming back next year but Councillors wished the complaints to be recorded and details forwarded to the Traveller Liaison Office at Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire East Council.  The Clerk was also instructed to ask why no notification was received prior to the event as it had been in 2008.

Cheshire East Councillor David Brickhill had asked whether Haslington Parish Council are interested in Interactive Speed Signs which can be match funded by Cheshire East Council. Cheshire East Councillor R Walker referred to operation of signs, – Goostrey have two such systems which they move around the area.  Smiley Sid will be used in the Doddington Area.

Cheshire East Councillor David Brickhill was to be asked to look at the Crewe Green Roundabout with its junction with Haslington Bypass to ask if filter lane could be provided onto the bypass.

The Chairman extended a vote of thanks to Councillor Miss L Allen for all her efforts towards the organisation of the Village Fun Day.

The judging for the North West in Bloom will take place on 27 July. Winterley and Haslington are to be judged separately this year. The flower tubs and the beds in between Oakland Avenue and Primrose Avenue would be planted up at the beginning of June as hopefully would the flower baskets.

Councillor Hovey reported that he and Councillor Betts had a lengthy meeting regarding the Parish Plan and the decision made to re-design the Plan.

Information regarding any village activity can be found on the website

Please note PC Nick Moore will be holding a police surgery at 6.30pm on Monday 6 July prior to the Parish Council meeting.  Residents are urged to go along to voice any concerns they have to PC Moore. He is getting very little response at the moment and it is disappointing that this facility not being used more fully.