Parish Council Meeting Notes – July 2019

The meeting began with a talk by Mr Thompson to the Parish Council on the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Mr Thompson said he had been involved in helping various parishes to obtain a Neighbourhood Plan and he would be willing to help Haslington Parish Council in obtaining this document which is very helpful in dealing with planning in green belt areas for example.

After Mr Thompson left the Chairman, Geoff Beadle, said we would make a decision about obtaining a new Neighbourhood Plan at the end of the meeting.

No report had been received from the police up to date.

PCSO Lizzy Jolley has booked the Gutterscroft Community Hall for a gathering of young people to ask what activities they would be interested in. She can be contacted via email which is and she also conducts regular beat meeting in the Church Hall.

The Chairman asked if anybody knew of anyone interested in joining the Speedwatch team please contact him. The speed gun is available for anyone interested in helping in this venture.

Car parking in the green verge at the side of the road to Crewe was again a cause for concern.

Maw Lane hedge at the junction of Clay Lane and the Dingle was in need of cutting. Drivers are obstructed by this hedge when leaving Clay Lane and drivers from Maw Lane are obstructed when approaching the Dingle. This has been reported many times and needs urgent attention before someone is involved in a very nasty accident.

The road adjoining the by-pass in Clay Lane is very badly affected by potholes and is in need of urgent repair.

The play equipment on the Gutterscroft playing field is starting to be installed on 8 July. There had been a delay in starting this project because of the inclement weather.

Permission was given for the trees on the Village Green to be trimmed and also the self set trees in the Gutterscroft compound, whose roots are affecting the boundary fencing, to be cut down.

The land at the bottom of Shelburne Drive was overgrown and in urgent need of cutting.

At the end of the meeting a vote was taken and it was decided that we would go ahead with the Neighbourhood Plan with the help of Mr Thompson.

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 2 September 2019, there will not be a meeting in August. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760.

Cllr. Mrs D Farrall