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Parish Council Meeting Notes – June 2018

Unfortunately, the Chairman had not received any feedback from the police for the preceding month.

The local roads have been reported again with regard to the need for repair to potholes. It was highlighted that the road from Hollybush Farm to Kents Green Lane are in need of urgent attention,

The Vice Chairman Stephen Mottram reported that the sight lines near to the Dingle School had been renewed.

It was reported that an area in Maw Lane was not viable for speedwatch due to not enough of a straight although the speeding of vehicles in this area was reported as very worrying.

Speed cameras were thought to be a very good thing for the Parish and had been requested by residents.

The hedges at the Limes in Winterley were over growing the pavements as were some of the hedges in Newtons Crescent to Newtons Grove, also from Pool Lane on Crewe Road Winterley.

Trees needing trimming were reported in Bradeley Road and Waterloo Road.  This matter was to be resolved.

The fire safety policy at the Yoxall was being updated.

The question of the play equipment at the Gutterscroft playing field was the responsibility of the project manager at ANSA.

Residents at Crewe Road in Winterley had raised objections to cars parking in front of their gateways in the parking bay. It is an offence to park in front of a dropped kerb and this was to be addressed by the relevant authority.

Oakhanger had a temporary bus stop installed as the original one had been demolished.

There were reports of mowing in local fields late at night and early morning in the fields off the Dingle.

A public meeting regarding HS2 was to be held on 10 July at Crewe Alexandra Club from 2pm to 8pm.  All are welcome

If anyone would like a full report of the June meeting can they please ring the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams, on 568760. This will be issued after the July meeting to be held on Monday 2nd July at 7.30pm at the Yoxall.

Cllr Mrs D Farrall

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