Parish Council Meeting Notes – July 2017

Before the meeting began the Chairman invited residents who had attended the meeting to voice their concerns regarding matters that were troubling them.

They were very concerned over the speeding in the Parish and asked what effect the speed watch team had on the problem. They were told that the offenders were sent two letters and then a visit from an officer from the police. They were not happy with this answer and asked for more police presence in the speed watch the Chairman is continuing to but pressure on the Police to get answers and a response to the questions raised.

They also were concerned over the crossing by the Primary School. They believed it was not adequate to control the traffic when children and adults were crossing. Sometimes vehicles did not stop at all. Because the school did not have a patrol officer any more the situation was very dangerous when the children were coming in and out of the school.

It was reported to them that a meeting had taken place with the supporting cabinet member and Cheshire East road safety team. The Parish Council were assured that the crossing was a high priority within Cheshire East and further speed data and designs were being actioned with consultation due to follow with all concerned and hopefully would be put in place in the near future.

The Hazel Bank access was also causing concern to all councillors and residents.
The meeting began with the Chairman announcing that Mr Howard Blake had been elected as Councillor for the Winterley Ward and would be in situ at the next meeting.

There had been no police response forwarded to the Chairman regarding police activity in the Parish for the month of June.

To enable the police drop in sessions to resume there was a request for venues to be identified this is ongoing and would welcome nominations.

The 30mph signs in Kents Green Lane and by the Hollybush Inn needed reinstating and the repeater signs down Clay Lane needed reinstating too.

The Chairman attended a meeting with CHALC the Police Crime Commissioner The Crime Plan was out for consultation and looking at areas such as community policing, speeding and rural crime.

Cheshire East have appointed a dog warden and a pilot drop in is planned for Haslington in the coming months.

The Local Plan was recommended for adoption. This hopefully would ease the problem of building on Green Belt land.

The ongoing section 106 monies is currently being discussed for release for the idea of possible new play equipment at the Gutterscroft playing field.

The Environment Agency had been to inspect Maw Green Tip and were very satisfied with the result. They found no evidence of any odour coming from the Tip.

There was to be a Scarecrow Competition added to the competition for the Best Kept Gardens in the Parish.

The next meeting of Haslington Parish Council will be held on 4 September at 7.30pm
There will not be a meeting during the August recess.
If anyone would like a full report of the July meeting can they please ring the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams, on 568760. This will be issued after the July Meeting on 4 September 2017.

Councillor D Farrall