Parish Council Meeting Notes – July 2016

The meeting began with a report from our PCSO of 12 incidents which had taken place in the last month; they involved a burglary, criminal damage to a vehicle, theft of a phone, someone being apprehended regarding drugs, vehicle speeding  and a neighbourhood dispute. 4 ASBOs had been issued.

The manholes on Slaughter Hill had dropped and in other areas too, it seemed to be the result of tarmac patching which was not satisfactory.

An area in Newtons Lane in Winterley was being used as a dumping ground and the Clerk was to write to the relevant officer regarding this.

The hedges along Primrose Avenue at the Dingle end needed trimming;  the hedge near the pelican crossing was in need of cutting back as it was interfering with the warning lights being clearly visible.

Councillor Hammond reported that attendance was excellent at the Open Day of the Haslington Cricket Club. The Parish Council had given a donation towards the new all-weather pitch.

Thank you letters had been received from the Primary School and the Dingle School regarding the commemorative medallions the Parish Council had donated to all the pupils at both schools.

The beginning of the hedgerow from the Dingle to the Gutterscroft footpath had been reported as needing cutting as it was making the footpath impassable.

The Union Flag had been raised on the Village Green in honour of the 100 years since the Battle of the Somme and the commemoration of the Battle of Britain.

Concerns were raised by Councillors about the number of low flying helicopters that had been sighted recently.  It was assumed that these had been police helicopters carrying out surveillance.

The vandalised phone box at Oakhanger had finally been removed and it was brought to the attention of the Parish Council that the phone box on the corner of the Dingle was still in situ although there was a notice attached to it to say that this phone box would be removed six weeks from the notice. There was no date on the notice however.

The Red Cross Flower Show was to take place on 3 September at the Yoxall.

The new website is up and running –

Councillor Mrs D Farrall