Parish Council Meeting Notes – July 2015

The Chairman greeted residents who had come to put their concerns to the Parish Council and they gave their points to Councillors before the meeting began.

They were concerned about the litter and dog fouling on the playing field. They also expressed concerns of the state of the play equipment and it not being suitable for younger children.

It was explained to them that the playing field is litter-picked 3 or 4 times per week and the main debris is paper, plastic bottles and cartons.  It is very rare that glass is encountered in the play area.

The play equipment is about 10 years old and so is not out of date but this matter will be investigated by the Parish Council to see if improvements could be made with the latest equipment.

The matter of dog fouling is of concern to all but the Council do try to emphasise that there is a notice explaining this is a children’s play area and dogs are not welcomed Unfortunately as a public right of way runs alongside the playing field we cannot prevent dogs from using the footpath.  It is of concern to all about the dog fouling and we do ask owners to pick up the dog excrement but we do have to rely on the conscience of the dog owners in this matter.

PC Nick Moore told the residents that although in the past the police had been involved in bullying incidents on the playing field there had been no reports for a long time.  Anyone having concerns about behaviour were urged to ring the police on 101

The Chairman said that he was willing to call a special meeting after the recess to allow all residents to express their concerns over various matters.

The meeting then began with a warm welcome to PC Nick Moore on his return to full duties as our Beat Officer.

He reported 10 ASB reports during the month of June

Three of crime, which included hay bales being damaged, one of arson which was domestic and harassment in Cloverfields.

There was  youth related incidents at the Red Cross, cardboard set on fire at the Hollybush, one vehicle damage, a dog bite, parties adjacent to Primrose Avene and Kents Green Lane, contents and a bottle being throw over children, concern over a derelict house in Winterley and one involving an elderly resident in Bradeley Hall Road.

Anthony Burn has been appointed as the replacement PCSO and this was warmly welcomed.

The yellow lines are decriminalised but parking is causing an unnecessary obstruction.  A Traffic Warden is needed in the village to catch the offenders and issue parking tickets to them.

Tractors and trailers going through the villages at speed are causing a dangerous hazard.  A near miss, which could have been fatal for two pedestrians, involving these vehicles were witnessed by a Councillor. The Clerk was asked to write to CHALK to try to get the limit raised on the drivers of these vehicles as some of the drivers do not seem to have road sense and these tractors and trailers are as heavy as some HGV’s

The dustbins are not being put back into the gateways of the houses and are causing unnecessary obstruction when left in the middle of the pavement. Councillor John Hammond would look into this matter which involved ANSA.

The hedgerows throughout the Parish are badly overgrown and despite being reported to Cheshire East on a regular basis they are not being cut back.  It has resulted that in many places a person with a pushchair has to go into the road and this is definitely not acceptable and the problem is getting worse.

Councillor Farrall thanked Councillor Hammond for his help in getting the nettles etc cut from the footpaths – from the Dingle to the Gutterscroft and the Gutterscroft to Portland Grove as these footpaths are used by children attending The Dingle School and the GutterscroftPre-School

Roads are being attended to and Waterloo Road is to be repaired very soon although it will only have bad patches repaired and not the whole of the road which residents deem very necessary.

Oakland Avenue was reported as being in a very bad state and needing urgent repair.

The gully emptying in the Parish is now taking place.

The problem of the overhanging trees in Henry Street has still not been resolved.

The Chairman and a representative from Pre-Schol met with a representative of the electricity company involved, regarding installing cables in the Gutterscroft Road. They are willing to wait until the school holidays begin to give as little disruption as possible to the Guttercroft Centre.

The Chairman attended a meeting with the ACC of Police and John Dwyer and was given to understand that PC N Moore would be the Haslington Parish dedicated Beat Officer and Andrew Burn would be our PCSO. PC Moore’s understanding of the area he was to cover was slightly different and may include Alsager. The Chairman is to take this up with John Dwyer.

A meeting will take place on 21 July at the Gutterscroft Centre with Councillor Mollart and Chairman Councillor Geoff Beadle.  Anyone having pressing concerns are welcome to this meeting which will take place from 6-8pm.

The appeal involving planning in The Dingle has taken place but has yet to be decided.

As stated before the Hanley bus would still be coming through Haslington but its service to LeightonHospital is to be cut in the near future.

The speed of vehicles in The Dingle is of great concern and a Speed Display Unit is to be placed at the junction of Maw Lane/Clay Lane and The Dingle.

A traffic warden has visited on occasion when the school is opening and closing, this does limit the speed of the vehicles and of illegal parking.

A pedestrian crossing has been requested by residents and an assessment is to be carried out by Cheshire East for a suitable site for the crossing.  Councillor Lee Allen said the one by Waterloo Road/Bradeley Road and Crewe Road had been removed by the council responsible for road safety at that time.

The recess of meeting of the Parish Council will take place in August although business for Councillors will remain as usual.

Councillor Janet Griffith presented her report on Transforming our Community to the Parish Council. The Chairman asked if she would be prepared to be involved in the Neighbourhood Plan with other volunteers, not necessarily from the Parish Council, and she agreed to this.

The planters on the Village Green were to be relocated before the winter planting.

The notices of Kents Green Lane and Newtons Lane needed attention.

The bottom of the fencing along Winterley Pool had been filled with chippings to deter the ducks from coming into the Crewe Road.

The Chairman thanked all for coming and closed the meeting at 9.20pm

Councillor D Farrall