Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2020

There were no members of the public at the meeting regarding any concerns within the Parish.

The Chairman had received a report on activities in the Parish from PCSO Lizzie Jolley.

The potholes from Newtons Lane Winterley through to Clay Lane had been reported previously but no action had been taken. It was suggested that residents make their personal complaints to Cheshire East Highways. The more complaints regarding this issue the quicker it will be dealt with.

It was reported that HGVs were parking in the un- tarmacked road patch across from Kents Green Lane. The water main under this area had been repaired by United Utilities and it was feared that the weight of the lorries could damage the repairs that had been made.

Pool Lane and Crewe Road pavements were covered in soil and the gutters and grids were in urgent need of cleaning.

It was debated about lights on the Gutterscroft playing field to alleviate vandalism and drinking in this area when darkness fell.

The Chairman said that the Christmas Tree this year was excellent and many thanks to all concerned in this venture.

The Carol Singing on the Village Green was excellent also with added visit from Santa to give sweets to the children and refreshment at the Red Cross hut. The Chairman thanked all who helped to make this annual event such a success.

The Neighbourhood Plan is to be implemented and questionnaires will be issued to all residents for their views and input.

An enquiry about when the bench, which was damaged by the contractors on the building site,

on the corner of Pool Lane and Hassall Road, would be replaced. It was confirmed that this would be replaced when the building work was completed.

It was stated that 13 businesses had taken interest in the loyalty cards that were to encourage people to use their local shops etc.

Councillor Goodwin also announced that, with the help of Nick Edmonds a film is to be shown in April, May, June and July on a Monday evening at 7.30pm at the Yoxall. It is hoped that this will be a success as a number of residents have shown great interest in this.

The bus stop in Oakhanger had still not been installed although this had been reported many times and Holmshaw Lane was still flooded although this also had been reported many times.

The Parish Council had a request from a resident to send a letter of thanks and congratulations to a young 8 year old boy who had raised £800 for the Change Charity. This would be sent to this very admirable young man

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 3 February 2020. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 5690.

Cllr. Mrs D Farrall