Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2017

The meeting began with a report on recent crimein the Parish given by PCSO Scott Watson who was welcomed back by the Parish Council after his illness. PSCO Watson said that crime issues had been quite low over the last month and involved 2 assaults, 3 burglaries, criminal damage and an ASB issued involving a car.

The Police have organised a Drop-In at the village café for parishioners to air their concerns directly to the police.  It is to take place from 1pm to 3pm starting on Saturday the 15th of January.

The Speedwatch people had had no contact with the police and the situation is not satisfactory. The Chairman is to speak to the police on this matter.

The entrance to the building site on the corner of Pool Lane was extremely muddy and the matter would be reported to the relevant authorities to make sure the builders cleaned the road i.e. Pool Lane and Crewe Road daily.

A request from a resident in West Street was to ask Cheshire East that they clear the weeds in the street and spray with weed killer.  As this is not an adopted road the Parish Council cannot request this on behalf of the residents.

The hedge at the Limes Winterley is still in need of cutting back to enable pedestrians to use the pavement. This is a matter of safety.

The zebra crossing at the Yoxall is not satisfactory as the pedestrians cannot be seen by motorists because of the dullness in this area.  This is to be taken up by Councillor John Hammond who will suggest it be updated to a pelican crossing to enable pedestrians to access the lights when necessary and make the crossing safer for all, motorists and pedestrians.

The Chairman said that he was very pleased with the Carol Singing on the Village Green and also the Carol Service at St Matthews Church.  Both these events were very well attended, thanks were made to all who had taken part and assisted in any way.

The Chairman is to take a Ward Walk around the village to see for himself the problems that arise from time to time.

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan will continue in January.

It was again stressed that any problems such as, potholes, street lights etc are reported direct to Cheshire East Council and these problems will be attended to, allowing Cheshire East to prioritise their workload.

There had been a complaint about people putting dog bags into the dog bin that was already overflowing. Most of the waste bins around the village can be used as dog bins and people are urged to make use of these also. If anyone has complaints to make to Cheshire East Council Environmental Health Department on this issue the number to ring is 0300 123 5015.

A request was made from Reverend Jules Walker that in the event of the death of any of the Royal Family or anyone in a high position in the country the Parish Council liaise with St Matthews Church so that the memorial can be coordinated between them.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall