Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2015

A resident addressed Parish Councillors before the meeting opened. The resident was very concerned about the dog fouling taking place in the Parish, in particular between the Chinese takeaway and the Co-op stores on Crewe Road Haslington.  The offences of this nature happen on a regular basis so one can only assume they are committed by the same animals being exercised by the same people! It is a very distasteful and can be the cause of extreme health issues.  It is hard to get the dog warden to attend on a regular basis but this needs to be addressed immediately.

The public can help in this by: by picking up the fouling made by their dogs: not allowing the dogs to foul where children are playing ie the Guttescroft Playing Field and to be vigilant in their responsibilities towards the public regarding this problem.

It was reported that Winterley, in particular Newtons Lane has the same problem and the comments above need to be addressed by all residents.

The meeting was then opened and PC Moore gave his report for criminal activities during December 2014.

There were 12 offences committed: assaults including domestic assaults, burglaries from sheds, criminal damage on Crewe Road, nuisance caused by a youngsters New Year’s Eve party and three notifiable offences.

There were four ASB’s issued.

Traffic on the Haslington By-Pass was brought to a halt just before Christmas when a car on one of the lay-bys made a U turn into the oncoming traffic, this caused a very serious accident.

Tickets were now to be issued to car owners parking on the yellow lines at the One Stop shop. Warning notices had been given but unfortunately there were still some motorists who did not think they applied to them. There had been a query as to why the same tickets cannot be issued by the police at the Food for Thought but it explained by PC Moore that is was to do with the lines at the junction and these can only be issued by the Traffic Wardens.  However it was pointed out the yellow lines do mean NO PARKING in any eventuality.

Street lights were reported to be out in Park Road, Bradeley Road and at Kents Green Lane. Residents are encouraged to report any lights that are out in their area supplying the number of the lamppost if possible.

There is to be a road inspection in Winterley regarding the resurfacing of the main road in the near future.

The Chairman thanked all involved in the Carol Service that was held on the Village Green, to the Red Cross for the use of their building enabling refreshments to be served after the Service and to Santa Claus for his involvement in bringing the sweets to the children. He commented on the lovely Christmas Tree on the Village Green, lots of complements had been received on this.

There is to be a trial of 20mph on Repton Drive and Vicarage Road because of the volume of traffic using these roads and expectation of the numbers of vehicles when Vicarage Fields estate is finished.

The Easy Access footpath at the back of Shelburne Drive leading to Primrose Avenue is to be thoroughly drained when suitable.  This footpath is impassable because of the amount of lying water.

It was reported that the Dingle to Gutterscroft footpath was dangerous to children because of the hedges along this path.  This was to be reported to Cheshire East Council whose responsibility it was.

Various planning applications were discussed and the Parish Council were in favour of the responses made by the Chairman of Planning who in turn would forward them to the Planning Authority.

The toilets at the Gutterscroft Centre are to be refurbished and Councillor Doris Farrall is dealing with this.

The gentleman in charge of MacclesfieldForest was to be approached for advice on buying and planting a Christmas Tree on the Village Green.  A resident had offered to contribute toward this and enquiries were to made concerning this venture.

The street lighting owned by the Parish was to be monitored and catalogued with a view to handing some of them over to the Cheshire East lighting authority if possible.

Cllr D Farrall