Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2014

The Chairman began by wishing all Councillors and attending residents a very Happy New Year.

PC Nick Moore gave his report on the December crime figures.  They included 9 assaults, 3 offences of which one was a serious offence.  Six ASBO’s were also reported   The speedwatch that had taken place in Fields Road reported no speeding vehicles.  A speed enforcement was to take place in Oakhanger, Winterley and Haslington.  The speed assessments at Jessop Way and Winterley were down slightly on last month.

The subject of dog fouling was again brought to the notice of the Parish Council and it was decided that the Dog Warden should be asked to visit the area as soon as possible.  Dog owners are getting more irresponsible leaving the dog fouling on the pavements and not picking it up and putting in the bins provided for this purpose.  The playing field is getting a lot of dog excrement left and this is very unfair as the playing field is not a dog exercise ground but a place for children to play in safety.

It was reported that all the lights on the road to the Gutterscroft Centre were out and it was imperative that these were fixed quickly as the Centre was used every night by various groups.

The Chairman thanked all involved in the carol singing on the Village Green and deemed it to be a success, also the Carol Service in the St Matthews was very well attended, it was heartening to see so many organisation involved in this service.

The information board at Winterley Pool had been reinstated by the Conservation group.

The roof at the Gutterscroft Centre was having repair work done and hopefully this will alleviate the problems caused by the squirrels nesting in the loft area.

Councillor Wood said that he had watched the Countryfile programme on BBC and it was apparent that a great number of councils had yet to submit a Local Plan regarding housing development, this was giving developers carte blanche on submitting planning applications.  This was thought to be a disgraceful situation and should attended to with urgency.

Councillor Yvonne Bushill reported that the new noticeboard that had been provided was excellent and asked if the other noticeboard could be replaced.  This was agreed by the Parish Council