Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2011

The meeting began with the Chairman Councillor Bill Herriman wishing everyone a very happy New Year.

He thanked all who had assisted with the Carol Singing and said that despite the very cold weather it was well attended  Father Christmas made an appearance to distribute sweets to the children.

The Christmas Tree this year had exceeded all expectations and many compliments had been made to councillors on this subject, the vandalism of the lights was greatly reduced and this helped to make it the focal point of the Village Green over the Christmas and New Year period.

Various requests for monetary help had been made by local organisations and donations had been made to three of them.  The Parish Council sets aside a sum of money to help local organisations which are run by volunteers.

PC Moore reported that  the number of incidents reported to the police were down again; these ranged from assaults, drug offences, theft from a vehicle and burglary.  There had been an incident of a car being stolen and taken away on a low loader. It was thought that because it had the appearance of being abandoned it had been a target for scrap metal dealers.

The police surgery was being discontinued because of lack of residents’ attendance and PC Moore reported it was to be replaced with two Police Liaison meetings in Haslington Primary School where people could go to voice any concerns they had over police matters.  The first would be held in March, the date to be confirmed at the next meeting of Parish Council.

The hedges/bushes at Winterley Pool were growing through the fencing and concern was expressed that this could make a cover for vermin.  The owners of the properties were to be approached to ask them to cut back the hedges.

The tree at the corner of Ashley Meadows and Crewe Road had been trimmed but was still interfering with the street light on that corner and PC Moore said he would investigate.  He also took on board the matter of one of the lights on the crossing outside the Primary School had been out for some time, he promised to investigate this too.

The Royal British Legion celebrates its 90th birthday this year and celebrations are to be incorporated with the Village Fun Day.

The purchase of changing facilities on the Clay Lane football ground was still ongoing, finance being sought from various sources.

The purchase of the land in the Shelburne Drive area was also ongoing and the Chairman was trying to set up a meeting with officials from Cheshire East to speed this purchase up.

Councillor D Farrall