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Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2009

 The Chairman opened the meeting by wishing all Councillors a Happy New Year.

PC Nick Moore reported that disappointingly there had been a number of anti social behaviour incidents in the last month.  The culprits had smashed windows, broken fences etc. and had caused nuisance at some of the senior citizens bungalows.  Fortunately he had apprehended the culprits, had made them go face to face with the people they had disturbed  and made them pay compensation to them.  The new PCSO is to be Ainsley Threadgold, a local lad, so hopefully he will be able to spot the troublemakers.  It was reported that drinking had taken place on the Gutterscroft playing field over the Christmas and New Year period.  PC Moore said he would monitor the situation. The Chairman thanked PC Moore for his support for the Parish Council and said it was very much appreciated by all Councillors.

The lights on the Xmas Tree had been vandalised on several occasions although after Christmas and New Year the vandalism had decreased.

Several roads and pavements were reported to be in a state of disrepair and the Clerk was instructed to write to Cheshire Highways to report this matter.  The Chairman suggested that a telephone number should be made available to members of the public to enable them to report direct to Cheshire Highways any concerns they had re potholes etc.  This would go on the website and on posters on the noticeboards. 

Chairman reported that she had attended numerous events during the Christmas period along with the Mayor and Mayoress of Crewe and Nantwich.  She thanked all who had attended the Carol Singing on the Village Green and asked that letters of thanks be sent to all who contributed to making this event go so well.

It was regret that she reported the death of Dennis Crooke.  Dennis had been Churchwarden for a number of years and had played an active role in village events.  The condolences from the Parish Council were extended to his family.

A letter was to be sent to the Chef, at the Dingle Primary School, Fiona Richmond, congratulating her on winning Cheshire Chef of the Year.  She will now fly the flag for Cheshire at the regional heats at Knowsley and hopefully go on to the national final in Birmingham in the summer.. 

Several meetings regarding the new East Cheshire Council were being attended by Councillors George Wood, Richard Hovey and Doris Farrall.

An application for funding new instruments had been received from the Youth Band at Winterley Methodist Church.  All youth movement had received a letter informing them that a sum of money was available to them for specific projects. 

The amount of dog fouling taking place on the Gutterscroft Playing Field seems to be increasing.  This is a children’s play area and as such should be respected.  There is no excuse for leaving dog excrement, dog bins are provided at both ends of the playing field.

Councillor Wood stated that there was no alternative route other than walking across the cattle crossings on the walkway to Haslington Hall .  Councillor Casey said he would look at this issue and report back.

The residents had asked that a grit bin be provided at Orchard Court as in the recent icy weather it had been dangerous for them to walk onto the footpath.

Lights were reported to be out in Clay Lane, they seemed to be going out one by one! The light at the bottom of New Street at the junction of Bradeley Road was also out.  The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant personnel about these matters.

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