Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2009

The meeting began with PC Nick Moore giving his report of incidents in the village over the Christmas period.  There had been a number of thefts from houses where the premises had not been secured.  An incident in The Brambles resulted in the police helicopter being deployed to try to catch the perpetrators but unfortunately it was not successful and residents are being urged to make sure doors and windows are locked whether or not their building is occupied. Anti-social behaviour is fortunately on the decrease. PC Moore stressed that the police surgery is in operation at the Yoxall before each Parish Council meeting but it is still not being used as often as he would like.  If any resident has any problems regarding law and order please go to the Yoxall between 6.45pm and 7.15pm (before the Parish Council meeting) where PC Moore will be glad to discuss any concerns you may have.

The state of the bye-roads and pavements was of concern but it was appreciated that in these very cold conditions the grit was needed to keep main roads open.  It was thought that when the cold snap had abated there would be a real problem with potholes.  It was reported that Primrose Avenue was already in dire need of repair and we should push for this road to be repaired.  Next year hopefully there will be grit for everyone!

Councillor Hammond had been to the football field in Maw Lane/Clay Lane along with Chairman Councillor Bill Herrriman and an official from Cheshire East.  It was envisaged that funding would be available for new changing rooms which were very badly needed. It was planned to put them at the Clay Lane end of the field where there were more residencies.  Hopefully this will go some way  to protect them from vandalism.

Councillor Chris Betts reported that the Village Plan was and was nearing the previewing stage. Unfortunately there had been a  hold up because Councillor Richard Hovey had broken his foot and had not been available to help with this project for a little while.

Repairs to the road leading to the Gutterscroft Centre been delayed because of the adverse weather condition, however planings for this road had been received and it was hoped to start the work in the very near future.

The Primrose Avenue walkway sign had been damaged and had been taken away for safety.  It was suggested the Conservation Group may be able to reinstate it.

The transfer of land from East Cheshire Council to Haslington Parish Council had not yet been completed and councillors urged that this matter be dealt with forthwith.  Councillor Herriman said he was in contact with the relevant people to ensure this transfer went ahead forthwith.

Councillor D Farrall