Parish Council Meeting Notes – January 2008

The meeting was attended by two representatives from Crewe Police. The problems experienced in the parish over December related to alcohol, anti social behaviour, speeding and parking. In addition there was substantial damage done to the lights on the Christmas Tree. Some bus shelters had been sprayed with paint over the weekend and the police were asked to investigate this. They requested two additional volunteers to join the Speed Watch Team. The Parish Council was asked to contribute to the uniform needed by PCSO M Hubbard to enable him to carry out his duties via a bicycle. This was agreed, it was felt we had to help to cut down on the problems the parish is experiencing. Councillor Betts reported that he wished to complete an application for SID to enable volunteers to cut down on traffic speeding. Councillors Hammond and Pass joined the group of volunteers to use the SID equipment

The Carol Singing on the Village Green was very well attended and the Chairman asked for letters of appreciation to be sent to the people who stepped in at the last minute to enable refreshments refreshments to be served. Father Christmas unfortunately had run out of sweets when he got to the Village Green and the Chairman suggested that the Parish Council purchase lollipops for the next Carol Singing specifically for the children attending this event.

The Chairman had attended the 200 Anniversary service at the United Reformed Church.

It was suggested that better footpath signs be put at both ends of the path that runs through Haslington Hall highlighting that this is indeed a public footpath. The footpath from the Dingle to Gutterscroft was reported to be very slushy with fallen leaves etc and the appropriate authority was to be asked to clean this area.It was reported that the mobile phone mast near to Wellesley Avenue was to be shared with another provider

Mr Chris Lawton of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council was to be contacted regarding new play equipment on the Playing Field at Gutterscroft. The Chairman and Councillor Allen are to liaise with members of the Village Plan to share ideas on what would be most appropriate.

Councillor were still waiting for Cheshire Highways to contact them regarding a walkabout in the parish to point out areas needing attention.

Decriminalisation of Parking will take place shortly, the parking problems in the village will be the responsibility of Crewe and Nantwich Council and not the police. Hopefully we will have parking attendants visiting the village to resolve the matter of indiscriminate parking which is a bane to motorists and pedestrians alike.

The parish is to enter the Britain in Bloom 2008 Competition

The band who played at the Remberance Day Services asked that the contribution for their presence be sent to St Lukes Hospice and a letter of thanks acknowledging this had been received from St Lukes.

Councillor Brickhill referred to the order by the Government for Cheshire County Council to cease operations and it also applies to Borough Councils. An election will be held in May 2008 for 81 Councillors for East Cheshire. This was not the outcome that Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council nor Cheshire County Council wanted.

The Clerk was asked to write to Cheshire County Council pointing out that disabled access to our bus shelters had not been carried out and they are failing on the Discrimination Act.