Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2020

A resident from Winterley attended the meeting to ask for information on who to address for help in extending the footpath from Winterley Baptist Church on Hassall Road to the car park for the Church. The owner of the land at the foot of the hedge that would be used was more than willing for the footpath to be installed. The gentleman was advised to consult Cheshire Highways for their help with this problem.

Hassall Road needs urgent attention regarding the potholes and gutters etc.

There was a problem with dog dirt being left either on the road or in bags thrown into the hedge side. The Chairman suggested that an idea could be that bags could be attached to lampposts to make it easier for dog owners to access these when necessary. It was suggested that maybe businesses would be happy to fund this idea for publicity. This was only an idea and is ongoing.

CCTV to be installed on the Gutterscroft for crime prevention was also ongoing.

The play equipment area is having a problem with owners allowing their dogs to go into the play area and jump up at the children using the play equipment or allowing the dogs to foul the area and not pick up the dog dirt. It was suggested that signs at each end of the Gutterscroft Play Area be installed to advise against dogs being allowed onto the play area.

The funeral of Joan White, a Parish Councillor for many years, was attended by a number of Parish Councillors.

The Holocaust Memorial Service held at Sandbach was attended by Councillors Richard Hovey and Doris Farrall.

The Neighbourhood Plan was to hold a meeting in February to get this essential Plan up and running.

The annual Fun Day was changed to 16 May to avoid coinciding with the Bank Holiday. It was also going to incorporate the celebration of VE Day.

The Chairman asked if a Church Service would be another idea to celebrate the VE Day. Councillor Doris Farrall to ask the Vicar Jane Lloyd about this.
It was reported that the By Way sign at Pool Lane Winterley had been snapped off and needed replacing.

The matter of the Village Green being made safe from travellers in the future was again discussed and although some pictures of ideas for this venture were looked at it was decided that an Landscape Architect needed to be consulted and this was agreed.

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held on 2 March 2020. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 568760.

Cllr. Mrs Doris Farrall