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Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2017

Before the meeting began members of Winterley Methodist Church gave an update on the work being carried out at the Church.

Phase 1 was completed and many thanks were expressed to the Parish Council for their generous donation to this work.

The Church was to be open on the Spring Bank Holiday. 

Phase 2 was the refurbishment of the hall.

The meeting then began with a report from the Beat Manager PC Kerry Cummings in which the crime she reported was one disorder, one burglary, one criminal damage to a car, parking in Primrose Avenue and Cartwright Road.  The Dingle School was causing problems also, the cars are no longer allowed to park on the Cricket Club car park but negotiations were taking place to alleviate this problem

There had been a problem with someone following females in the village.  This person was wearing dark trousers and a black top with a hood.  Kerry Cummings said that if anyone had any information on this matter or had been followed by this person would they please phone her at Crewe Police so that the matter can be investigated.

The Limes hedge at Winterley was still causing problems being very overgrown and causing pedestrians problems on the pavement.  This had been reported many times to the relevant authorities and had still to be resolved.

There were trees in Primrose Avenue obscuring the street lights and this was to be reported also.

The Chairman and Kerry Cummings had completed a walk around the village ward and they would be undertaking these walks on a quarterly basis.

The school crossing at the Primary School was being assessed for a pelican crossing to replace the zebra crossing.

It was decided not to enter the Britain in Bloom contest this year as councillor thought the money required to enter this competition would be better spent on the floral displays that were made for the residents of the Parish. It was also decided that the watering of the flower baskets would be undertaken by the Council as many residents were finding it too stressful to do this work any longer. Thanks were made to all who had undertaken this task in the former years.

A request for a contribution to the Goslings playgroup  in Winterley had been received and the money would come out of the precept which made allowances for donations to community groups.

Thanks were made to Councillor Mollart for her report on the meeting she had regarding the Play Sub Committee.

A request for allotments had been made and it was decided to ask if anyone could donate

any land that would be suitable for this venture

The Waste bin had been removed from Fox’s Corner and this was noted.

The Winterley noticeboard opposite the Foresters Arms had been vandalised and was beyond repair.  It was decided to replace this with a new noticeboard.

The bus stop that had been removed from the Crewe side in Winterley was to be replaced with one by Winterley Pool but as yet this had not taken place. Councillor Wood asked that this matter be investigated.

Councillor D Farrall

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