Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2016

A representative from Winterley Methodist Church gave a presentation on the plans to move forward and incorporate a Community Centre with the Methodist Church.  He gave Councillors a plan of the project to convert the building into a dual use building – Church and Community Centre at an estimated cost of £150,000 – £170,000.  The Parish Council will give a grant of £10,000 towards this much needed asset for the community. The grant will be given with the same conditions that applied to Oakhanger for their Church improvements.

A representative from the Haslington Bowling Club also asked for a donation towards their quest to involve new members and especially Junior Members for the Bowling Club.  This consisted of advertising – a leaflet drop off –  new sets of bowls for junior members and a Family Fun day on Saturday 9 April from 2pm when anyone interested can go along to try Crown Green Bowling. This will be followed by having training sessions on a Sunday afternoon to encourage young people to partake in this game.  The Parish Council thought this was an excellent plan to get the younger people involved and decided that a proposal to give £500 for the advertising and new sets of bowls for Junior Members would be put before councillors when the meeting began.

The meeting proper began with a report from the PCSO S Watson.  He reported 12 incidents in the last month which included burglaries, and occupation of a derelict building by the people who had committed the burglaries. 

The matter of car speeding in Clay Lane, The Dingle and Primrose Avenue was raised yet again.  Enforcement by Speed Control is desperately needed over this issue.

The light in Park Road had been mended but was faulty once again and the light on the corner of Gutterscroft and Crewe Road was still out although it had been reported at every meeting since September.

The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant people at Cheshire East Council and to demand an explanation as to why this light, on a very bad bend on Crewe Road, had not been rectified.

The Neighbourhood Planning was moving forward and a full Parish Boundary was an important factor.  Postcards relating to this Plan were to be issued to all households. To have your say in this matter you can access the form online at where you will be able to answer the questions important to you or print the form off and return the completed form to collecting boxes that will be situated at Haslington – Haslington Bakery and the Hawk; Oakhanger – St Lukes Church; Winterley – the Foresters Arms. Please leave a message on 01270 600999 if you need help in obtaining the questionnaire.  Responses please by Sunday 20 March 2016.

The debris where the laurel bushes had been removed on the playing field at Gutterscroft was very bad and Councillor Mrs Farrall asked the Chairman if he would go to look at this problem before deciding on action to be taken.  The debris consisted of rubbish that had been thrown behind the bushes over a length of time and was not just litter.

Parking issues between residents of Vicarage Road and Vicarage Fields has been referred to the police.

A resident had asked if rubbish pickers, bags etc could be provided for a Clean Team who were getting together to pick litter up from places in the Parish.  The Ward Councillor for Cheshire East advised the team to get in touch with ANSA who would be only too willing to help.

The car park at the Gutterscroft Centre was in need of enlarging to accommodate the cars using the Centre for the various activities taking place.

A litter bin was requested for the path between Gutterscroft and Primrose Avenue and this was to be reported to the relevant authorities.

A matter of Tree Preservation Orders/Planning on Crewe Road was dealt with by Councillor John Hammond.

If residents have any concerns regarding Haslington Parish Council could they please pass them on to

Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams at or 01270 568760,