Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2015

The meeting was attended by two Community Policewomen who were taking the place of PC Nick Moore who had unfortunately broken his leg whilst skiing in France.  They reported that the crime figures for the last month were very good; a house in Winterley had a window broken, a problem with noise in Victoria Avenue  a broken door handle at a house in Winterley, and flowers were being taken from graves in St Matthews Churchyard. There was still a problem with lorries going to the building site adjacent to Vicarage Road. Some were ignoring the start times and using the roads to access the site well before the guide times.

Potholes in Clay Lane from the by-pass to Lane Ends Farm were in a very bad state and needed repair.  This road is used by lorries accessing Elton Lane which in turn leads to farms and businesses.

The amount of rubbish on the by-pass is unacceptable and this is being reported to the relevant authority.

The street light at the junction of Clay Lane and Maw Lane is covered in foliage which needs to be cut back as a matter of urgency.

Various street lights in Russell Drive, Bradeley Road, Park Road, Primrose Avenue and Portland are not working and this is to be reported to the relevant authority.

The Chairman had attended the induction of the new Vicar for Haslington and Crewe Green, the Reverend Julie Lorraine Walker (who would like parishioners to call her Jules).  It was a very nice service, very well attended by people from other parishes and the Chairman gave her our good wishes on her new venture on behalf of the parish of Haslington.

The Vice Chairman said that WIFI was now available for use at the Yoxall Village Hall.

It is intended to have lights in the War Memorial area and this was welcomed by all councillors.

The speed displays on Crewe Road adjacent to Jessop Way were showing that the speed of most vehicles entering the village were below 35mph.  The display unit opposite the Hollybush Inn was in need of attention to enable it to show speeds of traffic.  Councillor Geoff Beadle was to attend to this matter..

The Environmental Agency was to be provided with spray paint to accentuate the amount of dog fouling in the area.  This paint is sprayed around the offending dog excrement to highlight the areas most affected.

There was to be a parking restriction around the Dingle School area to eliminate the problem of cars blocking the road.  A councillor asked if this was because of the planning application in place for houses adjoining the school (or was she just being cynical!).

A memorial service held to remember the liberation of the people in Auschwitz in 1945 and the people who lost their lives in the prison camp was held in Sandbach recently.  Councillor John Hammond and Councillor Doris Farrall attended this very moving service.

Some of the flower baskets are in need of repair and this was to be done before the planting of flowers for the summer.

The Post Office is to be changed into one of the new main style branches at Haslington.  Information posters will be available in the branch to let customers know about the change

The new look Post Office is scheduled to open on Saturday 21 March at 13.00pm and will include longer opening hours. Selected Post Office services will also be available at the retail counter during shop opening hours

It will need to close for refurbishment on Thursday 5 March at 17.30pm.

The alternative branches will be at Sandbach and Crewe.