Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2014

The meeting began with PC Nick Moore giving his report on crime statistics for the month of January.

There were 8 reported offences of which one was drugs found in a car the police had stopped, one was a domestic incident, one concerning a vehicle in Crewe Green Avenue, theft from a vehicle and one concerning a vehicle on Crewe Road.  A shoplifting offence was reported in Haslington and two ASB incidents were recorded.

The potholes in Oakland Avenue and Cross Road were reported as being dangerous and exposed iron work on the roadway in Primrose Avenue was to be investigated immediately.

The speed checks showed increased speed between 7.30am and 9pm in Winterley and also between 11am and 1pm on the Jessop Way monitor.

PC Moore promised to instigate a speed watch in these areas at these particular times.

The lights in several parts of the village were not lit although they had been reported to Cheshire East. The ones belonging to the Parish Council on the approach to the Gutterscroft Community Centre had been reported at the January meeting but were still not repaired.  The Cheshire East Council Highways were to carry out the repairs to these lights but would not proceed until the Parish Council had paid the money before work could commence.  The Clerk could not forward the cheque without the consent of the Parish Council but this payment was agreed at the meeting Mrs Adams promised to deliver the cheque to Delamere House on Tuesday morning.

The election of a Parish Councillor to fill the vacancy caused by the sad death of Councillor Bill Herring took place, all Councillors voted by ballot and these were counted by PC Moore. This resulted in Mr David Kerr being elected as the new Parish Councillor for Haslington.

The roads in the new building at Vicarage Road were to be given the names of four of the soldiers who lost their lives in World War One, their names can be found on the War Memorial which is adjacent to the Yoxall Village Hall.

It was decided that a handrail was needed on the steps to the War Memorial for safety and this was to be investigated for the next meeting.

Councillor John Hammond gave the welcome news that Cheshire East had enough houses to fulfil their requirement made by the Government.  The Local Plan was to be presented to the Planning Committee on 26 February and was to go to Strategic Planning on 28 February for full approval.  This was welcomed by all the Parish Councillors.

There had been a meeting of the Maw Lane Liaison Committee but Councillor Lee Allen said there was very little to report.

Haslington Hall are looking to expand their facilities and this will be watched closely with interest.

The application for houses adjacent to the DingleSchool had been very strongly opposed and it was hoped the Planning Committee of Cheshire East would acknowledge the objections sent in by a great number of residents.  Councillor Lee Allen acknowledged that she had been given a lot of help by people distributing information to residents to enable them to make valid objections.

Councillor Geoff Beadle was to liaise with residents about providing facilities for young people in the village and this will be reported in more detail in future meetings.