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Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2013

PC Moore was on holiday consequently there were no reports of crime submitted to the meeting for this month.

The potholes in the roads in the Parish were getting worse and they are causing great concern, and anger, to residents.  There is no specific identified area for these hazards as all of the roads in the Parish are suffering, and damage to cars is a consequence.  The Clerk was to write to the Highways Department to ascertain when we can expect lasting repairs to the potholes as it seems the repairs carried out are not adequate at all.

Councillor Hovey raised concerns regarding the Green Gap and a meeting was arranged to discuss the input to the Cheshire East Local Plan.  It is very important that the villages of Winterley, Haslington, Crewe Green and Sydney retain their individuality and do not become joined by buildings.

It seems as though getting a pavement to theSkateParkviaMaw Laneis not going to be possible but the money that was being made available for this project is going to provide play equipment on the Gutterscroft Playing Field.

Because of legislation the website has been clarified as “Haslington Online, The Haslington Parish Website”.

Because the Parish Council no longer receive a contribution from Cheshire East to fund  the Britain in Bloom competition it has been decided that we will not enter this year because the entry fee is quite costly. However the Parish will still be decorated with floral displays and theBestKeptGardenscompetition will still go ahead

The noticeboard in Winterley has been damaged and it is planned to renew this.

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  1. Keith Chatton
    Keith Chatton 28 August 2013

    I wish to raise my concern regarding the 20mph speed enforcement along Fields Road. On several recent occasions when either my wife or myself have signalled to motorists that they were driving too fast, we have received abusive and threatening remarks from the offending drivers.I am also very concerned for the safety of the many children in the area, as the driveways of many properties emerge directly onto the road, with no footpaths to offer a margin for safety. Action, hopefully in the form of “sleeping policemen” to act as traffic calming measures needs to be considered before residents are either badly or even fatally injured.

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