Parish Council Notes – February 2012

Before the opening of the meeting the Chairman welcomed representatives from the Haslington Bowling Club who had asked if they could speak on their drive to recruit new members to the Bowling Club.  Mr Dudley Hughes told councillors that they needed new members to join the Club to enable it to continue. He said that anyone interested in joining could come to the Bowling Club for a look around and take part in a game of bowls if they so wish, bowls would be supplied free of charge.  They are having an Open Day in May and would be delighted if members of the public would attend.   The fee for membership is £25 and members are obliged to be members of the Cricket Club.  All information can be obtained from the Haslington Parish Website – – or ring Mr Hughes on 617379.

The crime figures for January were down, 5 offences had been detected, in the case of the burglaries reported in Wells Avenue, Primrose Avenue and Repton Drive the suspects had been apprehended and were under court proceedings. Nine ASB incidents had been detected and 3 neighbours disputes had been reported

The speed watch campaign had received enquiries from 3 residents willing to take part in the campaign and information had been passed to PC Nick Moore.

The potholes in the roads were getting very dangerous and residents were advised to call the hotline if they were concerned about specific holes in the road  – 0300 123 5020.

Various lights on the highways had been reported as faulty and they were passed onto the departments dealing with this matter.

The roundabout at Crewe Green had been inspected by representatives from the Highways and Cheshire East Council and one independent resident. All  agreed that something needed to be done to ease the congestion of traffic converging from Hungerford Road, Sydney Road and the Haslington Bypass.

The issue of allotments is still ongoing and if any resident can bring to the notice of Haslington Parish Council land that is suitable for allotments and the owner of the land agrees to this venture the Parish Council would be very grateful .

The state of Fowle Brook along the footpath is of concern.  United Utilities used to be responsible for the cleaning of this brook and the workmen diligently did this work every 12 months.  However it is now no longer the responsibility of the United Utilities and is in the hands of Cheshire East.  The state of the brook has therefore been reported to them.

The recent rainfall has resulted in the roads being flooded and a watch will be kept on the water on the roads to ascertain if it is excessive rainfall or the grids need to be cleaned to take the water. Crewe Road Winterley was especially affected.

The walkway between Crewe Road and Repton Drive had recently had lots of glass smashed on the surface, this is very dangerous as children use this walkway frequently and a fall could result in a very nasty accident.  The police are to be asked to keep an eye on this situation.

Councillor Doris Farrall