Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2010

The meeting began with PC Nick Moore giving his report of incidents in the village. There had been 2 sneak in burglaries in the Brambles area and 1 attempted burglary which had been foiled.  PC Moore stressed again the need to lock all gates, garages, doors and windows even when the premises are occupied.  There had been 10 incidents of anti-social behaviour reported. 

He said that again there had been no residents attending his surgery which takes place before each Parish Council Meeting.  He said that he would have to look at other ways of contacting people if this trend continues.  The message is “if you don’t use it you will lose it”.

The potholes in the surrounding area are a cause of concern and Councillor Hammond said that anyone observing potholes that were deemed to be dangerous to ring East Cheshire Council on 0300 123 5500 to report this matter.

Various street lights particularly in the Winterley area were reported to be out even though they had been reported at previous meetings.  The Clerk was to contact the relevant authority once more.

There is great interest shown in obtaining allotments but the Parish Council have not been successful in obtaining suitable plots.  One idea put forward was if anyone has a large garden they can no longer manage this can be shared by someone keen to have an allotment.  Of course this would be a private matter between the householder and the person requiring an allotment regarding cost etc.

The seats have not been installed in the bus shelters yet but the Clerk had an assurance from the company responsible that installation was imminent.

It was reported that the contents of the dog bin nearest to the Gutterscroft Centre were being thrown into the compound. A request for resiting this bin was made and PC Moore was to be contacted regarding this matter.

The planning application by WRG that was on display in the Gutterscroft Centre was discussed and Councillors who attended this public consultation said that it seemed to be an extension of the life Maw Green tip with no further land being required.

Councillor Hovey informed the Parish Council of a number of buildings that had been listed throughout the Parish.

Councillor Casey asked if any reports had been received about the Youth Bus visiting Haslington and the response was rather negative.  He is to look into this matter.