Parish Council Meeting Notes – February 2008

The police reported that there had been four burglaries in Haslington and Winterley in the last month. They had been able to catch the youths who had vandalised the bus shelters and Red Cross Hut. It was reported that the doors at the Yoxhall Village Hall had been defaced with pink paint.The flower baskets, tubs and rubbish bins had been trashed from Cartwright Road up to the Holly Bush Inn on Saturday night Sunday morning of 19/20 January. Anyone who is disturbed at all by any incident please call Crewe Police on 500222.

The Chairman was to meet with Bob Williams of Cheshire Highways to walk the village and point out various areas of concern. She asked for councillors to accompany her and Councillors Betts and Allen kindly volunteered to meet with her and Bob Williams on 6 February. She also reported that Councillor Herriman was making good progress and hope to back in harness for the next meeting.

Various lights in the villages were reported as faulty and PC Nick Moore said he would help to get them back in working order. The crossing by the Primary School is not adequately lit and although the lights are in place they are not as yet wired up!

A letter had been received from Colin Lythgoe of Haslington Conservation Volunteers to say that Haslington had been chosen by Cheshire Landscape Trust as one of the locations to be offered a tree to celebrate Cheshire’s Year of Gardens 08. The planting was to take place on Monday 11 February and the Chairman was invited to go along to represent Haslington Parish Council.

The matter of decriminalisation of parking in the village was discussed. The parking on double yellow lines was now the responsibility of Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council and it was hoped that now this ongoing problem would be resolved. There was no payment for parking planned for the Waterloo Road car park.

Various planning matters were discussed and Councillor Hovey had replied to Crewe & Nantwich Council on behalf of the Parish Council.