Parish Council Meeting Notes – December 2019

The meeting began with residents of Winterley submitting general worries about the plans for the Hollybush Inn. Cheshire East Councillor Steve Edgar said he would take their objections to the planning meeting.
The Chairman had not received any police reports regarding incidents in the Parish.
The flooding on Holmshaw Lane had been reported as was the road collapse past Nevitts Lodge.
The roads are in desperate need of sweeping and the gutters are clogged with leaves. This is not acceptable and this was to be reported to Cheshire East Council by the Parish Clerk.
The street light opposite Stewart Milne development at Winterley was not working and this was to be reported to the relevant authority.
The Remembrance Day Service was well attended but the Church Service was not attended by the usual numbers for this special day.
The placing of the wreaths at the War Memorial had been rather haphazard but Councillor Peake said that he had told everyone the order of their wreath placing. Unfortunately this had not been upheld.
Councillor Hovey thanked the village for their donations to the Poppy Appeal
It was reported that planning at 481 Crewe Road Winterley had been withdrawn and the new homes for Bovis had been suspended
Flooding of livestock and building were a priority.
Complaints had been made regarding phase 2 of the building plans on Pool Lane Winterley.
Bovis Homes Estate were still in need of lines at the entrance to the estate.
PCSO Jolley was doing a good job re speeding in the Parish.
The fencing round the Village Green was discussed and parishioners can make their contribution to the survey via the website.
Councillor Ian Goodwin discussed an idea for a discount/loyalty card to be used to encourage residents to use local businesses. He also initiated a trial of 6 sessions of a Community Cinema.
Alison Heler had been co-opted onto the Parish Council as a Councillor for Winterley. She will be invited to attend the next meeting.
Oakhanger had still not had a bus stop sign installed even though this had been requested by the Parish Council many time recently.
The Yoxall Hall had appointed Councillor Martin Deakin as their new Chairman of the committee.
The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 6 JANUARY 2020/ Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 568760..