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Parish Council Meeting Notes – December 2018

Before the meeting began Councillors stood
for 1 minute’s silence in respect of Councillor John Hammond who passed away recently. He was a valued Councillor and will be missed by the Parish Council for the excellent work he carried out in Cheshire East Council on behalf of Haslington Parish Council.

The meeting then began with a presentation by ANSA representatives on the new equipment to be installed in the Playing Field. There was a discussion with Haslington Parish Councillors on the various plans that were illustrated and the Council, after a lengthy debate on which plan to take forward, gave their verdict on the one to take forward.

The Chairman thanked ANSA representatives for their time and information given to Haslington Councillors.

The Chairman had not received a police report for November as the meeting was a few days before it was forwarded from the police to the Chairman.

The issue of speeding through the Parish was again raised and it was becoming a very irritating issue as nothing seemed to be in place to combat this speeding problem.

The issue of light at the Gutterscroft Centre was raised and it was ascertained that it was not a Parish Council lamp post but a Cheshire East problem. It was only put into the compound because there was not enough room to install it in the footpath adjoining the Gutterscroft Centre.

The Chairman reported that he had attended the opening of the Restaurant at the Hollybush in Winterley as a representative of Haslington Parish Council along with other invited local dignitaries.

He thanked all who had attended the Remembrance Parade and Church service for making the day very special.

Cheshire East Councillor David Marren gave a report on the application by Aldi to build a new retail shop on University Way. This application was turned down by a 5-4 vote on the grounds that this area was for warehouses and offices not for retail. He said that he had received 600 signatures in favour of Aldi and thought that the decision to turn the application down was wrong. The application was supported by many residents in the area.

The highways lighting was to be upgraded.

A resident in School Street was concerned that the refuse wagon was reversing down the street to access the bins. Unfortunately, there was no room to turn around at the top of the street and the only alternative was for residents to bring the bins down to the main road for the wagon to remove the waste, this did not seem a good alternative.

The Haslington sign on Crewe Road towards Haslington was overgrown so that the sign could not easily be seen but this was ascertained to be the responsibility of Cheshire East Council.

The footpath from Primrose Avenue to Bradeley Hall Road was reported to be overgrown with nettles.

The evening ended with the Chairman wishing all a Happy Christmas.

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held on 14 January 2019/ The office will be closed until January 7 2019 and anyone having any urgent matters please contact the Chairman.

Councillor D Farrall

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