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Parish Council Meeting Notes – December 2017

The Chairman gave a report received from the Police as follows:

They had received complaints from residents about lorries from the Croft development blocking the roadway on a bend which they deemed to be dangerous.

They had issued four ASB notices and 1 burglary.

There had also been an incident of criminal shoplifting.

A complaint had been received regarding the absence of lights at Winterley in-between Kents Green Lane and Winterley Pool.

The grit bin in Shelburne Drive had been removed when the repairs to the Drive had been made.  It was important that the grit bin was restored.

The light by 1 Park Road was unable to been seen because of a conifer tree that needed to be cut back.

A light in the Dingle was missing in-between the footpath to the Guttescroft and Wells Avenue.  This needed to be repaired as this bend is dangerous when not lit.

The Chairman said that the AGM for the Yoxall had been poorly attended and resulted in the committee members taking on the task for another 12 months.  If anyone is interested in joining the committee, please get in touch with Geoff Beadle. If new committee members do not come forward, there is a risk that Yoxall Village Hall will not be able to open its doors to the community. Installation of the puffin crossing for the Haslington Primary School is likely to take place in the Easter holidays, subject to consultation and approval. Councillor Peake reported that there had been a traffic collision on the by-pass and the Clay Lane junction.

The Remembrance Day Services had been very well attended the Chairman thanked all who were involved.

There had been complaints about the parking on the road adjacent to the Red Cross building and the Village Green.  Residents had complained about double parking and difficulty in accessing St Matthews Close.

There is to be a road closure 17-20 January to allow the pedestrian crossing to the made from Hazelmere housing estate and the footpath on the opposite side of the road.  Access is to be allowed to residents living on Crewe Road and school buses.

The Neighbourhood Plan for Haslington has been halted due to lack of support. Anyone willing to take it on to contact Geoff Beadle the Chairman of Haslington Parish Council.

This is important revitalise the village.

The Christmas Tree on the Village Green is now in situ and all councillors thought it looked very good.

The precept for 2018 had been set and agreed by all councillors and is being sent to Cheshire East for their approval.

Comments were made about the notices that were no longer relevant being left on the Parish noticeboards.  Can all residents please remove all notices that are no longer in use.

The minutes to the meeting can be accessed after the next meeting of the Parish Council which will be held in January.

Cllr. Mrs D Farrall

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