Parish Council Meeting Notes – December 2008

The meeting was attended by PC Nick Moore who told the meeting that PSCO Mike Hubbard would be moving to another area in Crewe.  He will be replaced by PCSO Wendy Leason. The Clerk was to write to Mike thanking him for his input into the villages and to wish him every success in his new appointment. Reported matters from last month included 7 crimes; 11 anti-social behaviour and 1 drinking offence.  He is holding a Police Surgery before every Parish Council meeting and parishioners are urged to take any concerns to him.  The surgery takes place at 6.45pm until 7.30pm.  Unfortunately no-one attended this evening’s surgery.  As the Community Action Meetings have been discontinued he is very keen to get the public to attend these surgeries.

He agreed to deal with various road sign problems, a smashed window in Bradeley Road, incidents in Repton Drive and school buses travelling at speed along Primrose Avenue in icy conditions.

Various problems were reported; potholes in roads Ashley Meadows through to Winterley and bus stops not being user friendly for the disabled and occupants of wheelchair.  Concern was also expressed that cars parked along Crewe Road Winterley near to the bus stops made the road dangerous for overtaking when the buses stopped to allow passengers to board and alight.

The Chairman had spoken with Mr Ashworth of Cheshire Highways regarding the footpath between Henry Street and Oakland Avenue.  The responsibility for the cutting of the hedges lay with the residents but he said the County Council would cut the trees back from around the lights as he understood youths took advantage of the lack of light to congregate and cause disturbances.  He will attend the next Parish Council meeting to be held in January.

The Chairman had attended Bradeley Road Methodist Church to make presentations of the Presidents Award to five members of the Boys Brigade and she made comment that it was a very enjoyable service.  This Award is the highest that can be achieved locally and she congratulated the winners, commenting that it proved that there was something other than computer games to occupy boys and girls. She had also been invited to attend the Official Opening of the Haslington Pre School at Haslington Primary School.

There had been a pre-planning application for a mobile mast on Crewe Road Haslington (opposite Crewe Green Avenue). 

The Chairman attended CHALC meeting at Crewe recently along with Councillor Wood and Betts.  Councillor Betts reported that there was some concern expressed at the meeting that the Ward Budget would not be forthcoming when the East Cheshire Council came into being. Councillor Hammond said that the Ward Budget would stay for the next financial year but after that it is not guaranteed.  Councillor Mrs Farrall had volunteered at that meeting to act as a representative on the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Councillor Alan Casey took photographs of Councillors to put on the Haslington Web Site

The Chairman wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and after she had closed the meeting she provided seasonable refreshments for the Councillors.

Mrs D Farrall – Chairman