Parish Council Meeting Notes – December 2007

The meeting was attended by Inspector Paul Broadhurst, Sergeant Watkins and PC Nick Moore from Crewe Police. Councillors were informed that PC Nick Moore would be taking up duties to give support to PSCO Mike Hubbard.

Concern was expressed that the problems experienced with cars parking on pavements and double yellow lines did not seem to be getting resolved even though these concerns were brought to the attention of the police at every meeting. The illegal parking would be the responsibility of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council on 21 January 2008 and it was hoped that the problem would be dealt with at last. The practice of parking on pavements and double yellow lines was not only illegal but highly dangerous and could result in a serious accident.

Inspector Paul Broadbent reported that there had been several burglaries in the area and urged people to keep their doors locked even when in the house and to park their car as close to the garage door as possible thus making illegal access difficult.

The Chairman expressed her appreciation at the attendance at both services on Remembrance Sunday; this attendance seems to grow year by year. She felt that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq brought home to all that war costs lives and that whatever personal feelings were about these wars the soldiers were “just doing their job” and deserved recognition.

It was suggested that a meeting be convened in January with interested Parish Councillors along with members of the Steering Group of the Village Plan to decide what new equipment was needed to enhance the Gutterscroft Playing Field.

There has been a suggestion from members of the Village Plan that names of councillors along with telephone numbers be posted on the noticeboards. As this information can be accessed via the internet it was decided that only the name of the Clerk and her telephone number be advertised on the noticeboards.

The Chairman and Councillors wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Mark Casey is helping Councillor Chris Betts to enhance the website . Chris has reported to the Chairman that Mark is doing “a very good job”.

The Walking for Health seems to have taken off very well, walkers meet at the Waterloo Car Park on Tuesdays at 1.30pm. Anyone wishing to join the walkers can just turn up on the day.

The Carol Service will take place on the Village Green on Friday 21 December at 7pm when Father Christmas will visit at approx. 7.20pm. Complimentary tea, coffee and mince pies will be served in the Red Cross Hut afterwards.