Parish Council Meeting Notes Dec 2015 & Jan 2016

Notes of the December 2015 Parish Council Meeting

PC N Moore introduced PSCO S Watson to the Councillors.  He gave a crime report for the month which included a burglary in Repton Drive and motor cycle problems on the Skate Park on Clay Lane Playing fields. Speed watch sessions had been carried. Also a meeting had been held at Slaughter Hill and reports were discussed regarding safety issues but it was concluded that this route will remain for this bus service.

Many manhole covers were reported to be defective and this was to be reported to the Highways Agency.

A pedestrian crossing had been requested by residents and this was ongoing.

Street lights that were defective were reported.

The Neighbourhood Planning Meeting was held on 24 November and questionnaires and informative postcards are being ordered.

The Remembrance Day Service was well attended and thanks were extended to the Winterley Band and Rev Jules Walker for their excellent contributions on the day.

Signs placed by Cheshire East on the Gutterscroft Playing Field had been removed at the request of the Chairman.


Notes of the January 2016 Parish Council Meeting

Three residents attended the January meeting expressing their concerns over the speeding traffic along Maw Lane.  They enquired about speed restrictions and if a footpath could be installed.  These concerns were to be forwarded to Cheshire East Council.  Councillors said that they thought if traffic calming chicanes could be installed in Maw Lane it would restrict the speed of the traffic.

PCSO S Watson reported that 11 crime incidents had occurred in the month of December including criminal damage, burglary, damage to a vehicle, shoplifting, drugs and harassment.

The Carol Service on the Village Green was well attended and the Chairman thanked all who were involved in organising this event and everyone who attended the service.  The Chairman was congratulated on his input into this event.

The Carol Service in St Matthews Church was also well attended and was extremely well organised.

The PCC Crime Commissioners meeting would be attended by the Chairman on behalf of the Parish Council.

The New House Farm planning application was to be refused on the grounds of loss of jobs to the people working at this venue.

The Local Plan Inspection, subject to consultation would hopefully be concluded shortly.

It was reported that the bridge works in Hungerford Road/Earle Street were causing problems to people visiting Crewe as it was a one-way system in, the alternative routes away from the town were thought to be overcrowded and inadequate.

The Christmas Tree had had many problems due to the gales experienced in December but although it was snapped in two by the excessive winds after Christmas it was re-erected and lit for New Year’s Day. A letter of appreciation was to be sent to George Farrall for all his efforts in this venture.  Lots of residents had expressed their appreciation for the work that was put into getting the tree functional again.

The framed Britain in Bloom Awards for the Senior Citizens in Haslington were to be erected in the 65 Club as the people concerned in the Neighbourhood Awards were more likely to see them there.

A request was made to all residents that when they put notices on the noticeboards advertising events in the village, when the events have taken place could they please remove them. This would enable notices to be put on for future events so that the boards were not overcrowded with irrelevant notices.

Councillor Mrs Farrall said that although she had reported, in September, October, November and December the defective light on Crewe Road, at the entrance to the Gutterscroft, it was still unlit.  This is on an extremely bad bend and it is imperative that it is repaired. The Clerk was asked to write yet again to the relevant authorities expressing the importance of this. Although Councillor Mrs Farrall and Councillor Hammond had both written regarding this problem it still had not been rectified.

Councillor D Farrall