Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2017

Before the meeting began Mr S Davies of Haslington Cricket Club gave the Councillors an update on the circumstances regarding the Cricket Club. He told the meeting that the Cricket Club building had nothing to do with the actual people taking part in the cricket activities that take place on the cricket ground.  He said there was a 21year lease on this ground and the cricket matches would take place from April.  In response to a question he added that they would like to form a girl’s cricket team but needed at least 11 girls to come forward to show their interest. He said that the people running the club would be very happy for this to take place. He also said that he understood that negotiations re the opening of the actual building were taking place and that hopefully it would soon be open to the public.  This should also solve the problem of parking for the Dingle Primary School.
The meeting proper began with a report from PCSO S Watson on criminal activities that had taken place during the last month.
He said that 18 crimes had been committed involving shop lifting, burglaries, assaults, 65,000 cigarettes dumped in a field off Clay Lane and two involving road rage.
The waste bin at the end of the Dingle was to be replaced, it had been removed because of damage.
The speedwatch team had recorded 64 vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
Concern was expressed about lorries speeding through the villages and PCSO Watson was to investigate this.
The hedge at Winterley fronting the Limes was still a hazard to pedestrians and although this had been reported many times it still remained a danger.
Residents were encouraged to report directly to the Highways Department of Cheshire East Council any pavements needing repair in their area.  This would ensure quicker action re the repairs.
There would be an assessment of the zebra crossing near to Haslington Primary School regarding replacing it with a pelican crossing.
The resurfacing of Oakland Avenue, Bradeley Road, Russell Drive and Alsager Road was to be carried out shortly.
The Slaughter Hill survey had revealed that the ban on usage of HGV vehicles would not be implemented. There would be passing places made along this stretch,
The roundabout consultation that had taken place had been very well attended.
The bus stop at Winterley that had been removed needed a replacement urgently.
The noticeboard that had been vandalised at Winterley had now been replaced.
If anyone has noticed potholes that are dangerous please report them directly to Cheshire East. This will ensure a quicker response to the problem
The fencing at Winterley Pool is being repaired.
The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 8 May and the AGM will take place before this meeting at 7pm.
All minutes from the March meeting can be accessed after 9 May 2017.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall